Discover the interview of the company Melzer Maschinenbau, exhibitor at TRUSTECH. Melzer is a highly respected family-owned manufacturer of advanced machinery, successfully catering to various industries for over 65 years.
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1) Could you describe your company as well as the products and solutions you will be presenting at TRUSTECH 2023?

Melzer is a highly respected family-owned manufacturer of advanced machinery, successfully catering to various industries for over 65 years. Melzer is specialized in offering tailor-made solutions for the production of Passport Data Pages, ID Cards, Driving Licenses, Resident Permit Cards, e-Visa Stickers, Smart Cards, Dual Interface Cards, and RFID Smart Labels/Tickets. At the TRUSTECH 2023 Melzer will present the latest developments on the automated IPS (Inline Production System) for manufacturing world leading ID credentials, incorporating state-of-the-art design and security features. Governments and security printers worldwide rely on Melzer's inline solutions.


2) What current trends do you think provide opportunities for your company?

In the ID industry there is a strong emphasis on continuously enhancing security features to ensure identification documents are tamper-proof. From the beginning Melzer has collaborated closely with clients and partners to develop solutions suitable for both common and exclusive applications. The inline and seamless integration into the production process guarantees maximum security during credential manufacturing, with, if required, some personalization and very little work in progress.


3) Why did you choose to participate in TRUSTECH 2023?

Will you be presenting innovative or new products or solutions there ? Melzer is a long-standing exhibitor at various trade shows, including the former Cartes show, and we remain committed to participating in these events. While we no longer display machines due to space constraints, we engage in discussions with prospective customers, explaining our latest innovations at the booth. While secure projects cannot be disclosed, what we can disclose is Melzer's most recent upgrade involving a fully automated e-cover production system that combines wire embedding technology on synthetic paper and finishes with PUR hotmelt coating for cover stock.


4) How does TRUSTECH 2023 help grow your business?

Melzer values the opportunity to engage with their global customers and partners during trade shows, utilizing our booth as a meeting point. This platform provides excellent visibility and enables us to expand our network.


5) Where do you intend to grow your business in the future (countries or verticals)?

Driven by continuous innovation and by the customer demand we see a development in both directions. We’re constantly expanding our machine portfolio and by that we’re gaining an increasing number of customers worldwide.

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