Discover the TRUSTECH Innovation Awards, a competition dedicated to you, dear TRUSTECH Exhibitor and designed to reward the most innovative solutions related to payment and identification sectors.

The Very First TRUSTECH Innovation Awards Edition

Take part to the first TRUSTECH Innovation Awards edition, real future flagship “rendez-vous” of TRUSTECH, the international event dedicated to innovative payments and identification.

What better way to celebrate its 40th edition than a new event in the event to highlight our Exhibitors innovative solutions ? This "prestigious to be" competition aims to reward your most cutting-edge solutions and offer them valuable recognition in a constantly evolving sector.

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The New Place to be Seen at TRUSTECH

For the first time, our Exhibitors have the unique opportunity to distinguish themselves even more through the TRUSTECH Innovation Awards. A jury of industry experts will choose the most innovative product, material, prototype, solution or service amongst the many application we expect to reseve.

Come and be one of the ingenious companies shaping the future of payment and identification technologies at TRUSTECH.

Participate in the TRUSTECH Innovation Awards

Why Participate in TRUSTECH Innovation Awards First Edition?

If your company is selected, this competition offers you the opportunity to optimise your participation at the event by showcasing your company and latest solutions. It is a chance to stand out from your competitors and be recognised as one of the most innovative companies in the payment and identification sectors.

Participating in the TRUSTECH Innovation Awards means:

  • Increasing your visibility: take advantage of this unique opportunity to increase your company's visibility amongst an international audience of industry professionals and decision-makers. You will also benefit of all the communication channels of the exhibition and you will be able to pitch your solution on the Innovation Stage (7 min)
  • Press coverage: TRUSTECH PR agency will dedicate special “Flash Info” about our TRUSTECH Innovation Awards participants. You do not want to miss this opportunity to stand out loudly.
  • Gain recognition: validate your solution with a jury of experts and receive recognition that will strengthen your credibility and market position. A TRUSTECH Innovation Awards sticker will be displayed at your booth throughout the exhibition to let people know your product is exceptional.
  • Take your slice of innovation: commit to continuous innovation by highlighting your latest technological advancements and competing with the best solutions in the industry.
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Terms and Conditions

  • Free competition only open to exhibiting companies (which are not part of the jury members) of TRUSTECH 2024.
  • To agree with the competition rules.
  • To complete the entries in English on the Exhibitor Area.
  • Any technology, product, etc. submitted must:
    • Have been released or officially announced between 2022 and now
    • At least, be prototypes which can be presented to the judges if requested


Launch of the competition
11 October
Deadline for entry deposit
4 November
Announcement of finalists
3 December
TRUSTECH Innovation Awards Ceremony with annoucement of winners during TRUSTECH

You are not an Exhibitor and you would like to submit an innovation to the TRUSTECH Innovation Awards first edition?

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