Discover the interview of the company IQ Structures, exhibitor at TRUSTECH. IQ Structures is a supplier of anti-counterfeiting protection based on holographic nanostructures. It is a member of IQS Group.
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1) Could you describe your company as well as the products and solutions you will be presenting at TRUSTECH 2023?

IQ Structures is a supplier of anti-counterfeiting protection based on holographic nanostructures. It is a member of IQS Group. At Trustech, we will show our portfolio of solutions for protecting all types of personal documents (ID cards, passports, driving licenses, etc.) plus an advanced protection of banknotes and precious metals based on nanotechnology. We also have a new digital solution for top authentication on Smartphones called “IQ CHECK”.


2) What current trends do you think provide opportunities for your company?

The trend is towards three interrelated requirements:

  • Uncompromising security, resistance even against the most sophisticated counterfeiters using new DOVID features
  • Integration of physical and digital authentication using our machine-readable DOVID feature
  • The document must be beautiful, visually distinctive and immediately identifiable

These are things we have been working on and improving for years.


3) Why did you choose to participate in TRUSTECH 2023?

How does TRUSTECH 2023 help grow your business? We pride ourselves on our reputation for giving our customers care and attention. This is where the personal touch is critically important. We can’t miss out on Trustech. There’s a unique atmosphere and plenty of opportunity to get absolutely personal. Talking to our customers, knowing their experience and requirements in detail.

In addition to this, it is important to show the product physically so that customers can see the visual effects for themselves and can check the quality of the workmanship.


4) Will you be presenting innovative or new products or solutions there?

NATIONAL IDENTITY GUARD is a solution of large and high secure holograms using national symbols as a part of design. It can be used for integrated protection of different national documents, such as ID cards, passports, driving licenses, social security cards etc. A smartphone authentication application IQ CHECK. Such solution offers the highest standard in protection of all national identity documents against fraud and counterfeiting through both digital and physical identity verification.


5) Where do you intend to grow your business in the future (countries or verticals)?

IDs and banknotes. In both we have an offer that is unrivalled in many aspects, experience and reputation.

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