Discover the interview of the company Infineon Technologies, exhibitor at TRUSTECH. Infineon Technologies AG is a global semiconductor leader in security solutions, power systems, automotive, and IoT.
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1) Could you describe your company as well as the products and solutions you will be presenting at TRUSTECH 2023?

Infineon Technologies AG is a global semiconductor leader in security solutions, power systems, automotive, and IoT. Infineon drives decarbonization and digitalization with its products and solutions. The company has around 58,600 employees worldwide and generated revenue of about €16.3 billion in the 2023 fiscal year (ending 30 September).

We will be flying high at this year’s TRUSTECH with our very own mini airport! Check in at our booth and explore the latest member of our TEGRION™ family, speeding up your future-proof ID applications. Smoothly pass the border control with the world’s first PQC-enabled ePassport demo and experience the convenience of seamless biometric payments with SECORA™ Pay Bio at our lounge bar and transit station. You could even get your nails done at our service area with its pop-up manicure salon demoing payments with an artificial finger nail along with other innovative form factors.

2) What current trends do you think provide opportunities for your company?

  • Trends for security and performance: new security features, technological advancements, power-optimization.
  • Trends for open standards in all markets.
  • Trends for a new form factor.
  • Trends for digitalization.
  • Trends for decarbonization with eco-friendly material.

3) Why did you choose to participate in TRUSTECH 2023?

Will you be presenting innovative or new products or solutions there? As the leader in technology innovations and security, Infineon Technologies is participating to TRUSTECH, to present our latest hardware technologies as well as our new products dedicated for Payment and Identity markets. We will present:

  • TEGRION™ , our latest portfolio of security controllers. The TEGRION SLC26G is a security controller for demanding identity and government ID applications such as ePassports, national eID and eHealth Care systems. The security controller enables customers to quickly and easily implements their operating system and the corresponding applications. Even more, the controller offers the highest levels of security, speed, performance and power efficiency that are essential for (government) ID applications. These require permanent security throughout the life of the documents, as well as fast transaction times, for example at border control when travel documents need to be checked electronically at an eGate. For this ultra-fast contactless communication, the TEGRION SLC26G integrates Very High Bit Rates (VHBR). In addition, the security controller is equipped with the integrated Integrity Guard 32 security architecture, which provides maximum security without compromising on transaction performance. The Integrity Guard 32 digital security technology, combined with the Arm® v8-M instruction set and powerful crypto accelerators, offers the highest level of protection, high communication speed and extremely low power consumption. Based on Infineon’s 28 nm technology, the TEGRION family meets even the most demanding security standards and requirements.
  • The world’s first PQC-enabled ePassport: Infineon is a pioneer in the development and implementation of cryptographic mechanisms that can withstand the processing powers of quantum computers. By preparing for a smooth transition from currently used security protocols to post-quantum cryptography (PQC), Infineon enables robust and future-proof security solutions. Infineon, Bundesdruckerei GmbH and the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied and Integrated Security (AISEC) present the world's first demonstrator for an electronic passport that meets the security requirements of the quantum computing era (Post Quantum Cryptography, PQC). The demonstrator shows a solution for contactless data transmission between the ePassport and the border control terminal. The solution is based on a quantum-resistant version of the Extended Access Control (EAC) protocol and reliably secures biometric data during authentication.
  • SECORA™ Pay Bio: Biometric payment cards offer a more convenient and hygienic payment experience, as cardholders can verify their identity by simply placing a finger on the card sensor and tapping the card on the terminal. This makes the biometric payment process faster than standard PIN-based transactions. To further improve the performance and production efficiency of biometric payment cards, Infineon is working with Fingerprints™ to develop the complete SECORA Pay Bio solution. This turnkey solution comes with a pre-certified Java Card operating system including Mastercard and Visa Bio applets for cost-effective, scalable production based on state-of-the-art card manufacturing equipment. A SECORA Pay Bio demo will be shown at the Infineon booth, highlighting the key requirements for a successful biometric payment card solution, including the various enrollment options.
  • CALYPSO™ move enables enhanced security for contactless paper tickets: As cities grow, public transport operators are facing ever-increasing passenger numbers, especially during major events such as football matches and the Olympic Games. Combined with the need for sustainability and convenience, this is creating a rapidly growing market for digital ticketing and smart mobility. However, this requires open standards for designing secure, convenient and interoperable ticketing solutions with the necessary transparency and trust. Infineon addresses this development with CALYPSO™ move, the first secure memory for simple contactless ticketing based on the Calypso® base specification. It enables manufacturers to meet the specific requirements of any transport company or authority and to avoid the use of magnetic strips, barcodes or proprietary tickets. A CALYPSO move sample card will be on display at the Infineon booth at TRUSTECH.
  • Pop-up fingernail salon showcases innovative forms of payment methods: This year, Infineon's partner Smart Chip Switzerland will be presented at the Infineon booth with an innovative pop-up fingernail salon, giving the public the chance to test the next level of payment: Brave visitors can have a specially designed inlay with Infineon’s SECORA Pay X solution placed directly on their fingernail for on-the-go-payment. In addition, numerous other new wearable payment devices, including rings, bracelets, key fobs and watches, will be presented in the service area of the booth. All these devices are equipped with SECORA Connect, the family of solutions for connected IoT devices for secure payment. Based on an enhanced NFC secure element design, SECORA Connect enables smart wearables with payment, ticketing and other applications with the lowest possible power consumption to maximize battery life for the consumer.

4) How does TRUSTECH 2023 help grow your business?

At TRUSTECH, Infineon Technologies will meet partners and customers, to further strengthen our collaboration and commitment to the market.

5) Where do you intend to grow your business in the future (countries or verticals)?

Infineon is a world leader in semiconductor solutions that make life easier, safer, and greener. Our solutions are and will answer to future challenges: efficient energy management, smart mobility, and secure, seamless communications link the real and the digital world. Infineon is committed to constantly bring new technological innovations for the digitalization and decarbonization or our world.

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