TRUSTECH is the global event of the professionals dedicated to innovative payments and identification solutions. The next edition will be held from 03 to 05 December 2024, with over 8,000 visitors and 200 exhibitors expected.

Join the Community of Professionals in Payments and Identification!

TRUSTECH, the event dedicated to innovative payments and identification solutions, showcases the latest hardware and technologies involved in the markets related to Payments and Identification.

A global marketplace, the show floor features a comprehensive panel of international exhibitors, sponsors and startups presenting their latest innovations, product launches and solutions on their stand, or through lively pitch sessions on the innovation stage located at the heart of the event.

TRUSTECH offers you 3 intensive days of business in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Entry to the event is free covering both the visit of the exhibition and attendance to the conferences.

The next edition will take place from 03 December to 05 December 2024 at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Pavilion 5.2.

A conference cycle aligned with TRUSTECH's main themes: innovative payments and identification solutions

Identification app on a smartphone

2022-2023: Transformational Years for Identity?

What are the major developments in digital identities in line with the growing modes of remote relationship? With renewed challenges and opportunities for governments and private actors, these years also announce the upheavals to come with the adoption of mobile electronic wallets and open-up several perspectives in the evolution of the market.

For the past few years and in an accelerated manner since the health crisis, the mode of operation favored by our society has been described as “remote”. The same can be said for our mainstream economy, which has also become predominantly online. As a result, the needs for identification, authentication and authorization, three essential functions of digital identity, have increased in both economic and civic relations.

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What Digital Future do we want for Payment?

What are the major evolutions in the payments market in Europe and around the world? After being increasingly formatted around data, as a consequence of Open Banking movement, and further digitalized through the revolution of mobile wallets, the prospect of future retail digital currencies from the Central Banks leads us to consider the possible paths of an all-digital future.

In all likelihood, the size of the global digital payments market will exceed $8 trillion by the end of this year. This is considerable, especially since this market is expected to continue to grow at a double-digit rate over the next five years. Payments continue to transform from year to year, particularly retail payments, reflecting our changing consumption patterns. Biometrics, card, mobile, data, crypto, digital currencies are symptoms of digital payments spreading everywhere and going so far as to become invisible in some of the most successful customer experiences.

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Contactless payment
With the TRUSTECH conferences, companies have a platform to discuss their digital presence, identity issues, online or physical transactions and more. It’s a medium to learn as well as teach in hopes to achieve the most safe and progressive practices possible.

Products and Services at TRUSTECH include:

  • Biometrics
  • Cards, micro-modules for cards and other factors (smart objects)
  • Cryptography
  • Digital platforms
  • Electronic components & sensors
  • Generic OS for cards, readers and terminals
  • IC and IC solutions (tools, services, process)
  • IoT
  • Materials, consumables, accessories
  • National printings
  • Services (others)
  • Software and services for authentication and access control
  • Software and services for identification
  • Software and services for payment and loyalty
  • Solutions and equipment for personalization of cards
  • System integration and database management
  • Terminals, readers and devices equipment
  • Test equipment, certification and maintenance of system
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