Spotlight on start-ups at TRUSTECH

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Startups have great visions, operate under the influence of big-size creative thinking, and employ bold strategies.

Come and meet them at TRUSTECH in the dedicated Start-up Village located on the Riviera LEVEL close to the Innovation Stage.

Below is a non-exhaustive selection of innovative companies which willpresent significant innovations aimed at facilitating the daily life of companies and individuals in terms of digital trust and payment.

Andrupos BV – Stand N° RIV Pod 004

ANDRUPOS is a leading edge web based automated document examination system capable of authenticating printing techniques, and even identify printers by manufacturer and model and paper sources. Our solution offers the possibility to identify different printing technologies such as offset printing, inkjet printing, toner printing and other digital printing technologies. One of the most innovative features is the ability to link forged or counterfeit documents to a specific printer (manufacturer and model), in order to gather forensic proof. This way organized crime can be easily traced.


IDentiks card and RFID solution – Stand N° RIV Pod 006

We offer both simple as well as complex solutions for identification in the workplace and events, loyalty cards, accreditation. Our focus is increasingly going towards RFID (contactless) solutions. In 2016 our innovative solution was adopted in ABC accelerator. We combine knowledge with the quick response and economic prudence. We are recognized by the reliability and the relationship of trust and respect. Our distinctive advantage is aesthetics. Our motto is that every IDentiks card for our client is the best and the most elegant and beautiful solution. In IDentiks we offer: CLIP® loyalty program - Customer Loyalty Integration Process. In the development of these services we have linked with five young companies and our shared knowledge serves the objective that the customers remain loyal to companies or organisations that uses CLIP®.


Pe2M GmbH – Stand N° RIV Pod 003

Pe2M – the flexible organization that offers the right product for every requirement in the area of card printing. We modify and refine existing hardware to cater for special requirements. In many cases, we will combine all the ingredients into one custom made solution, together with all the consumables and services included. ​One of our key products is the 2XL+ printer for oversized credentials. Find your perfect and individual card printing solution with us



Authority center for printing technology - What you need is what you get! RESOLUT ELEVEN has established as an authority center for printing technology. Within a time of an always increasing technologically change you can find us at the point of innovations in the graphic arts industry. Independently of that which kind of object you want to print or coat, independently of which base materials or whatever object you want to print - RESOLUT ELEVEN has got that KNOW HOW you need to fulfill all your wishes in highest quality. Completely faithfully the slogan: “What you need is what you get“.

Rubean AG– Stand N° RIV Pod 001

PhonePOS by Rubean enables any merchant of any size with a decent Android phone to download an app and be ready to accept NFC-enabled payments in minutes. No extra hardware, no dedicated machinery.  Your restaurant can now easily enable their wait staff to take payment at the table. Is your store is growing and you need to add a check-out stand? There’s no need for expensive rewiring and additional equipment.   Taxi drivers and other mobile merchants will now be able to swipe a card across their phone and skip the trouble and risk of taking cash payments.   The opportunities are endless. PhonePOS is secure, and it meets and exceeds Visa and MasterCard’s security requirements.   More importantly, it is the only solution in the market today that can accept both small and large payments (under and over €25). That is because PhonePOS is the only one to have successfully developed the PIN-on-Phone technology that is required to take large payments (and payments in any amount after five purchases in a single day).  


S2P - Smart Plastic Products – Stand N° RIV Pod 002

S2P designs and manufactures tamper-detection devices to protect against physical intrusion of payment terminals : we create a complete envelope of protection around the electronic module by integrating a 3D mesh of conductive tracks all over complex 3D surfaces. Our technology is the most secure way of protecting PCI compliant payment terminals, while simplifying the assembly and increase the design freedom of the final products.