Don Malloy

Don Malloy, Chairman of OATH

Don Malloy, Chairman of OATH

Don is the chairman of OATH, The Initiative for Open Authentication and an independent consultant & expert in the area of secure payment authentication and cybersecurity since 2015, Don helps corporate enterprises to develop secure operations for the benefits of users in both the public and private sector.

His expertise includes IoT Security, Payment authentication, secure identity ecosystems, trust & cybersecurity, privacy and secure data management. Graduated with M.B.A. from New York Institute of Technology, M.S. course in Organic and B.S. Chemistry from U Mass, Don has previously spent 15 years in securing payments for major international companies including Philips (NXP), Infineon, Nagra (Idemia) and additional 8 years in technical development of electronic components for B-to-B companies.

Don is a frequent presenter & published author on identity and secure authentication for Cloud, Cyber and Secure IoT technologies.


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