TRUSTECH presents: Digital Trust and Cyber-Resilience

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Learn form best practices in the fields of cyber-security and digital trust!

Conference: Digital Trust and Cyber-Resilience

WEDNESDAY 27 NOVEMBER, 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm - Room 2

Chaired by Don MALLOY, chairman of OATH - check out his bio 

This track which will gather a comprehensive a panel of experts and thought leaders in digital trust addresses cyber-resilience frameworks and presents practical cases. It offers the opportunity to share different experiences related to identity management, risk assessment, event detection, and other best safety practices, aimed at improving cyber-resilience within organisations.

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14:05 Security by Design
  • Thomas Rosteck, President Digital Security Solutions Division (DSS) - Infineon
14:25 European Initiatives in Cybersecurity – High-Performance Computing – Artificial Intelligence
  • Stefane Mouille, President - Eurosmart
14:45 From Cybersecurity to Cyber-Resilience
  • Thierry Delville, Partner - Pwc France
15:05 Is “Low-Cost & Highly-Secure SoC" an Oxymoron?
  • Yanamadala Chowdary,  Senior Director, Business Development - Arm
  • Gadi Elizur - Arm
15:25 Round table: Challenges and Progresses in Mobile (& cloud) Cyber-Resilience
  • Jean-Philippe Galvan,  Principal Engineer - Qualcomm Technologies
  • Olivier Maas, R&D Project Manager - Worldline
16:30 IAM: an openID solution of centralized identity management in a secure cloud environment
  • Cédric Mermilliod, Co-Founder & Senior VP - Oodrive
  • Frédéric Fouyet, Innovation Director - Oodrive
  • Elyes Lehtihet - Oodrive
  • Cyril Murie - Chambre Nationale des Commissaires de Justice
16:50 Round table: Achieving Cyber-Resilience with Better Standardization Processes
  • Gil Bernabeu, Technical Director - GlobalPlatform
  • Roland Atoui,  Security Certification Advisor - Fido Alliance / Red Alert Labs
  • Asad Ali,  Sr. Technologist - Thales

Conference in English, free access to all attendees carrying a Badge


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