P.A.ID Strategies' Covid-19 impact report

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Discover the findings of the report released by John DEVLIN, founder and principal Analyst.

Exclusive Report: The Impact of Covid-19 on Smart Cards and Embedded Security

TRUSTECH is happy to share the findings of a significant impact report released by John DEVLIN, Principal Analyst & Founder of P.A.ID Strategies and host of TRUSTECH’s Innovation Stage.

The report entitled "The Impact of Covid-19 on Smart Cards & Embedded Security" is the result of P.A.ID Strategies' discussions with a number of companies as they evaluate the current position of their businesses and look to try and ensure they have the right strategies to best navigate the widespread disruption being caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

It summarises the market situation and short-term outlook with guidance on how P.A.ID Strategies is adjusting its forecasts in 2020 as a result of the latest developments.

It includes analysis and discussion of Mobile and SIM, eSIM, Payment and Banking, ID and Authentication, Ticketing and Access Control, and Embedded Security Solutions in areas such as IoT, IT, Automotive, Smart Home and Consumer, Logistics and Supply Chain.


Discover the report: 

Launch of The COVID-Cast series by TRUSTECH & P.A.ID Strategies

TRUSTECH is launching a limited series of podcast beginning in September 2020.

In this fortnightly rendez-vous, John DEVLIN will share his insights and expertise based on his report to discuss how the Coronavirus is impacting the payments, identification & security sectors.

He will explain “Why Covid-19 is the Biggest Disruptor and Accelerator of Digital Payments That We Have Ever Seen” and "How Digital Identity is solving many problems in a post-Covid world" and reply to a series of other questions related to the impact of Covid-19 on security and transport issues.

The podcast will be published in a dedicated section of the TRUSTECH website - we will keep you posted via our social networks!


P.A.ID Strategies tracks and forecasts the market for 10 IC solutions used to secure credentials, embedded and IoT devices across 5 major verticals for smart cards and related devices, plus 7 leading IoT and M2M sectors.

It provides a holistic view of the market, detailing how traditional smart cards and new embedded solutions are being employed to deliver and enable trusted services.