Focus on Digital Identity in Africa

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This edition sheds the light on Digital ID issues in Africa

TRUSTECH is delighted to host the inaugural meeting of the OSIA Advisory Committee on 26 November 2019 in Cannes.  A delegation of 12 African Countries will visit the event during 2 days. The members of the OSIA Advisory Committee meeting will take part in the conference on 27 November 2019 at TRUSTECH from 10 am to 6.00 pm (excluding lunch break).

OSIA Advisory Committee meeting on 26 November

Directly addressing the lack of standardization, the SIA pioneering OSIA initiative (Open Standards Identity API - Application Program Interface) ushers in a new era of openness and collaboration between identity players and industry and governments that will eliminate the interoperability and data sharing challenges created by the current lack of universal technical standards within today’s identity ecosystem that have, until now, hampered the evolution of national identity systems. Developed within the SIA and endorsed by the world’s leading identity system vendors, this landmark initiative demonstrates an industry-wide commitment to breaking down the technical barriers to achieving the United Nations goal of establishing a legal identity for all.

The OSIA initiative is governed under a formal structure including an independent OSIA Advisory Committee, with work carried out by the OSIA GitHub Community and an OSIA Workgroup.

Conference: How African governments are facing identity needs and challenges – 27 November

Addressing the growing need for digital identification has become an essential task for governments across the world. Requirements are becoming increasingly strict as the creation, maintenance and derivation of official identities demands more sophisticated processes and technologies. It’s a changing world. Civil and population registries management are profoundly modernized. Services requiring identity are now used in cross-border transport and flows, public administration, social inclusion programs and more. While API applications and digital services related to government platforms need to cope with new identification methods. If that wasn’t enough, the integration of multiple security layers is another critical requirement to address the need for physical and electronic convergence. With SDG2030 on the horizon, this conference track provides an assessment of the progress in government practices in this field and addresses the latest challenges faced by governments in improving the experience, satisfaction and safety of their citizens with a special focus this year on Africa.

Chaired by Stéphanie DE LABRIOLLE (Chair) Secure Identity Alliance 

10.05 - Introduction

  • Mr Jean-Claude Perrin, Secretary General, Secure Identity Alliance 
10:10 - Trusted Digital Identity: The Cornerstone to Effective Service Delivery
  • Mr Aliyu Abubakar Aziz, Director General National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) - Nigeria and Chair of the OSIA Advisory Committee 
10:25 - Mobilizing Resources for Shared Prosperity
  • Mr Ansoumane Camara, Special Advisor Economic, Financial and Fiscal Affairs, Prime Minister - Guinea  
10:40 – Legal & Digital ID Strategy in Sierra Leone 
  • Mr Mohamed M. Massaquoi, Director General, National Civil Registration Authority - Sierra Leone
10:55 – 12.20 – ROUND TABLE: Update on Legal and Digital Identity Projects in Francophone Africa (in French – translation available) 
  • Introduction & session animated by: APIDE, Mr Jean-Noël Georges 
    • Mr Konate Diakalidia, Director General Office National de l'Etat Civil et de l'Identification (ONECI) - Ivory Coast
    • Mr Balsama Hellarison Andriantseheno, Secrétariat Général, Coordinateur Général Présidence de la République – Madagascar
    • Mr Himi Deen Touré, Technical Director of WURI, Programme d’identification numérique pour l’intégration régionale de l’Afrique de l’Ouest – Guinea
    • Mr Sibiri Philippe Berthe, Directeur, Centre de Traitement des Données de l'Etat Civil - Mali
    • Mr Aimé-Martial Massamba, Directeur de Projet Adjoint, The Official Biometric Identification Project (IBOGA) - Gabon 
12.20 - Training Capacity Building in Civil Registration – A Precondition for a Successful Digitalization
  • Ms Alenka Prvinšek Persoglio, Vice President and Co-Founder, Interact4c  
12:40 – DRC: First OSIA implementation
  • Julien Drouet, VP ID Systems | Marketing & Product Offer, IDEMIA
  • Mr Nanikian Lejite Likaala, IT Director, Office National d’Identification de la Population (ONIP), DRC  
13:00 – LUNCH  
14.30 – 1 Billion People are Without Legal Identity - What is the UN Doing?
  • Mr Niall Mc Cann, Policy Advisor/Project Manager, Legal Identity, United Nations Development Program (UNDP)  
14.50 – Open Standards for a Trusted, Interoperable and Universal ID Framework
  • Ms Debora Comparin, Chair of the OSIA workgroup, Secure Identity Alliance  
15.10 – Going beyond Privacy By Design
  • Jean Lindner, Africa Marketing Manager, Digital Identity Solutions, GEMALTO Thales  
15.30 - ROUND TABLE: Update on Legal and Digital Identity Projects in "English-speaking" Africa (in English) 
  • Introduction & session animated by Mr Olatunji Durodola, Founder/Chief Innovation Officer, Common Identity Ltd 
    • Ms Judy Obitre-Gama, Executive Director, National Identification & Registration Authority - Uganda
    • Mr Tumelo Raboletsi, Director General, National Identity & Civil Registry Department – Lesotho
    • Mr Kingsley Asare Addo, Head of Civil Registration, Registrar of Births and Deaths - Ghana   

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