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Discover the Pre-programme of the TRUSTECH 2023 conferences, focussing on two key topics: innovative payments and identification.

Discover the Pre-programme of the TRUSTECH 2023 conferences, focussing on two key topics: innovative payments and identification.


Tuesday 28 November

10:00 - 10:30 Exclusive Keynote
    • Bertrand BADRÉ, Associate and Founder of Blue like an Orange sustainable capital, former Managing Director of the World Bank


Payments - Payments and Innovation: Understanding Key Trends for a Successful Strategy

  • Chairman: Grégoire TOUSSAINT, Director at Edgar, Dunn & Company

Payments are ripe with innovation with many announcements in all parts of the payment value chain. Consumer-focused payments with cards, wallets, contactless, SoftPOS, real-time, biometry, sustainability and cryptos continue to have interesting product developments. This is also the case when it comes to B2B payments with an increasing digitalization of processes and payments. Come and join this track focused on innovation in payments discussing key topics such as regulatory changes and PSD3, merchant-driven innovation such as payment orchestration and the card payment industry!


The Payment and Innovation conference will address developments in payments for consumers and businesses alike. It aims to showcase unique user experiences supported with digitalisation in payment, new business models (e.g., Account to Account, Instant Payment, PtoP, digital euro) and key innovative payment technologies.


Identification - Experimenting the Digital Acceleration

  • Chairwoman: Mélanie BENARD-CROZAT - Editor-in-Chief of S&D Magazine

We are living in a time of strong digital acceleration: inflow of multiple data regulations (DMA, DSA, DA, DGA, EUDIF, DR, AIA, MiCA, EUDIF...); surge of software and hardware technologies, generalization of Cloud and IOT environments, expansion of attacks and globalization of cyber threats, sophistication and mix of solutions with artificial intelligence, decentralized architectures, and crypto innovations. How to live this time and face this sudden digital acceleration? What are the inescapable realities? What are the key axes? How to find the sustainable solutions that suit and are adapted to you?


During this conference we will approach digital acceleration in France and in the European Union; the evolution of professional identity and corporate identity management (IAM); the changing face of cyber threats and cybersecurity responses; as well as some innovations on Artificial Intelligence and Crypto.


Wednesday 29 November

10:00 - 10:45 :  Exclusive rountable: « The new challenges of payment security »
    • Andréa TOUCINHO, Director of Studies, Prospective and Training, Partelya Consulting.


Payments - How to get ready for Central Bank digital currencies ?

  • conference organized in partnership with EESTEL (morning session)

What is the situation on the Digital Euro? Where stand the US and Chinese digital currency initiatives? What are the typologies of digital currencies, their difference in model and their ability to integrate fiat money? What is the position of the major central banks today? Which market segments are identified with which priorities?


What will be the potential impact on digital asset and cryptocurrency regulations? What will be the synergies with the world of banking and payments?


This conference will gather feedback of academic and financial experts to these fundamental questions about digital currencies.  It will provide an overview of this incoming reality for which professional players are invited to begin preparation.


Payments - The Future of Crypto-Currencies (afternoon session)

  • Chairman: Jean-Noël GEORGES, Founder and CEO, JNG EXPERT

The last few months have been tumultuous for the crypto currency ecosystem. The fall of FTX and often controversial remarks around the use of cryptocurrencies to finance illicit activities have weakened the emerging trust that was being built.


Since then, new powerful tools and “smart laws” have emerged to foster a new climate of trust around crypto currencies. Will these tools and regulations respond to the existing challenges and how?


In addition, non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are revolutionizing the future of the internet. Being able to create an NFT without authorization and having a unique and non-cancellable digital property title opens new doors. How are these NFT contributing to new usages and what are the consequential new ways of thinking about finance and money?


The “future of cryptocurrencies” conference will let you know the latest developments in managing trust for cryptocurrencies. Through live discussions and expertise sharing, it will give you relevant insight into key questions and allow discussion with several players within the NFT ecosystem. Join us to ask your questions, to uncover the growing variety of crypto assets and NFT, and to share your business experience and personal testimony.


Identification - ID for Governments: The Era of Trust Frameworks

  • Chairwoman: Stéphanie DE LABRIOLLE, Public Affairs & International Relations, Secure Identity Alliance

With the concept of digital trust now well established, the emergence of "Trust Frameworks" has become a key topic for a growing number of governments worldwide. But what is a framework of trust? What does the infrastructure and digital architecture look like? How do identity models, norms and regulations impact the formation of these frameworks? Perhaps more significantly, what are the implications and challenges of accreditation, standardization and international interoperability? There are lots of questions and Governments need answers. This session provides them.


The ID for Governments conference will explore worldwide developments in mobile wallets, the growing hybridization of identity models, and the role of metadata and identity in digital ecosystems. As well as uncovering the key issues and concepts, the conference will showcase digital identity best practices from real-world regional and national implementations to help support decision-making. 


Thursday 30 November

10:00 - 10:30 Exclusive Keynote 
    • Jessica IFKER DELPIROU, Partner at Serena, former CEO of BforBank, ex PayPal, and Meetic



  • Conference organized in partnership with Pay & ID Africa / One Africa


Identification - Governance, Risk and Compliance: from Strategy to Technology - Conference in partnership with ID&KYC Forum

  • Chairman: Guy DE FELCOURT, Public Affairs Consultant Digital Society & Identity focus - Author and University Lecturer

The landscape of regulatory obligations is extending for most businesses, toward a global risk base monitoring approach. From AML and KYC to Business Rules or Social and Environmental practices, corporate responsibility is now engaged, in the wider ecosystem encompassing clients, suppliers, partners, and vendors.


Which are the strategical approaches to address these new “risk-and-compliance” challenges? What are the governance and oversight good practices? What is the information you need to improve resilience, agility and remain up to date? How do technological solutions (as digital platforms, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain & Trust Services, Identity and Attribute Management), can help enforce your strategical resilience?


During this conference we will approach various level of the KYC and GRC landscape:  Regulatory compliance; Risk based policy development; Use-cases associated with digital solutions and/or reg-tech applications; Experiences sharing in technological adoption for faithful & agile monitoring supporting risk resilience.