Innovation Stage

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The TRUSTECH Innovation Stage is the central place in the event entirely dedicated to innovation. The worldwide community of innovators & disruptors will be there to present ideas and products to an international audience of potential customers, partners, investors and the media.

Innovation Stage Host : Johanna MORILLON, MC/presenter, coach, trainer and facilitator for both startups and corporations.

Please find the daily schedule for the innovation stage:


10:30 Innovative solution for polycarbonate passport data pages

  • Robert DVORAK, Managing Director, IQS Group s.r.o

11:00 Large size embedded DOVID: Why limit ourselves?

  • Amaury CHASSEUX, Head of Product Management, Identity business line, SPS/SURYS 

11:30 E-bank notes

  • Bruno SANGLÉ-FERRIÈRE, CEO Carrousel Digital Ltd

12:00 Journey As A Service

  • Yasin KAHRAMANER, CEO, Arksigner

12:30 BiomCard one shop floor:  New era of biometric cards deployment.

  • Fabio ZULIANI, CEO, BiomCard SRL

14:00 Contactless Coil on Module (CoM) – best fit for your ultra-thin eDatapage

  • Florian TREUTINGER, Product Marketing Manager, Infineon Technologies AG

14:30 Security features in laminated passport book covers

  • Georgios TZIOVARAS, Global Application Development Manager, Covestro Deutschland AG

15:00 Are you EVC ready ? The natural evolution of smartcards

  • Cyril LALOCEO and founder, Ellipse France

15:30 Unleashing the future of payment: The Vanstone approach to next-gen POS terminals

  • Lucy LAN, Media Manager, Vanstone Electronic (Beijing) Co., Ltd

16:00 Opening the way to a sustainable industry

  • Antoine LARONZE-GROINE, Phygital Payment Director, Linxens

16:30 Card Personalization Trends – RFID Encoding & 4 Color Process Inkjets

  • Dominique MARTIN,VP Sales Europe, Graphtech US

17:00 IMPULSE Digital Wallet: Pioneering ethical self-sovereign identity solutions for public administrations and business across Europe

  • Emanuela TANGARIResearcher & Ethics Consultant (CyberEthics Lab.)
  • Tetiana VASYLIEVAResearcher & Legal Consultant (CyberEthics Lab.)
  • Jaime LOUREIRO ACUÑAHead of Advanced Data Security, Gradiant

17:30 Innovative plastic-free wood cards enable the payment card industry to even more sustainability

  • Dr. Christian LEHRINGER, Copecto GmbH


10:30 Face Biometrics: Effortless, secure identity verification

  • Gemma BIRD, Head of Biometric Platform, iProov Ltd

11:00 Trusted Identity for All: Frictionless, Inclusive and Innovative Payments, powered by Biometrics

  • Anette CORDA, Head of Marketing, IDEX Biometrics ASA
  • Barbara SESSAHead of Consumer Products at Mastercard
  • Franck FERRANDINOHead of Marketing at Infineon Technologies
  • Franck GERMAINHead of Key Accounts and Marketing at Linxens

11:30 Advanced Printing Technologies to empower security features of physical ID-Documents

  • Philip KESSLER, R&D Engineer & Project Manager, Iprint
  • Mauro COSTANTINI, Product Marketing Manager, Ixla SRL

12:00 Protecting payments and data: MID PKI as the foundation of trust for machine IDs

  • Michele LAVIZZARI, Chief International Development Officer, InfoCert | CertEurope

12:30 Authentication with official identity

  • Sara SEBTICEO & Co-founder, ShareID

14:00 ID & Payments: Solutions for a changing world

  • Patrick RUNYONGlobal Software Sales Manager, Matica Technologies Group SA

14:30 Building systems and organizing service delivery: what innovations in digital identity projects?

  • Guillaume STUTZ, Africa Area Director, IN Groupe

15:00 Building a secure and decentralized identity and user consent management ecosystem

  • Olatunji DURODOLA, Identity Management consultant, Urbanid Global Ltd.

15:30 Reliable bonding on eco-friendly card materials

  • Christoph KRÄMER, Senior Market Manager Cards & Security, Lohmann GmbH & Co. KG

16:00 MoneyCore Pay: Shaping the future of payments

  • Mohamed MOUSSOUS, CEO, Moneycore

16:30 eSIM, enable global payments to be accessible

  • John ZOU, EVP, Tongxin Microelectronics Co., Ltd.

17:00 The future of authentication and payment: Biometric smart cards and beyond

  • Magdy SHARAWY, CEO, TrustSec

17:30 The hot melt adhesive tape for smart card modules embedding

  • Tina CHENSales Executive, Shenzhen Tunsing Plastic Products