Thursday November 30

  • Identification Solutions track: Governance, Risk and Compliance: from strategy to technology
  • Innovative Payments track: Global Interoperability and IOT

Discover below the programme of the conferences of Thursday November 30 on TRUSTECH!


10:00 - 10:30 Exclusive Keynote
"The digital revolution in the banking sector as a challenge to customer experience and security"
    • Jessica IFKER DELPIROUPartner at Serena, former CEO of BforBank, ex PayPal, and Meetic

Room 1 - Identification Solutions

Conference in partnership with ID&KYC Forum
Chairman: Guy DE FELCOURT, Public Affairs Consultant

Topic: "Governance, Risk and Compliance: from strategy to technology"

10:35 – 10:50 Compliance in 2023: the turning point for AI, data and digital

  • Jacques SUDRE, Deputy CCO LBP group

The state of Compliance in 2023: how AI, digital and data can solve Compliance’s complex equation: to do more with fewer resources 

10:50 – 11:50 Anti-Money Laundering Practices and e-KYC: how to use and monitor technologies and platforms?

AML & e-KYC: how to use and monitor technologies and platforms?
  • Camille BAUDOUIN, Founder, Author at @Dunod, and Teacher at Baudouin Advisory - Financial Services

AML requirements and regulators’ scrutiny keep increasing for financial institutions. Do technologies and platforms enable to comply with major AML requirements? Is there any remaining challenge along with their implementation?

AML Compliance: How to cope with digital regulations explosion in Europe?
  • Nathalie LAUNAY, Payment Regulatory Expert and Digital Identity Trainer at Galitt Sopra-Steria

Entities subject to the obligations of national transpositions of the AML directive need to anticipate a “Big Bang” of new European regulations.  The focus will be related to the future of AML Act with GDPR, and the anticipation of a new set of European regulations, soon applicable (NIS2, DORA Act) or in the process of adoption (AI Act, eIDAS2), and likely highly impactful on relevant business activities.

Data Governance experience for KYC and GRC
  • Ugo NOURRYCEO Graphite

The importance of data governance for KYC and GRC, the concept of a "data governance journey, what is” embedded" data governance and how it differs from traditional approach ? Data contracts and technology evolution in the context of KYC and GRC

The case of Biometrics in KYC context
  • Yves CHEMLACo-founder United Biometrics

Id verification and biometric data in digital KYC

11:50 – 12:10 Business registries and beneficial ownership

  • Jean François DOUCEDE, Vice-President Infogreffe and Deputy Registrar « Tribunal de Commerce de Bobigny »

Legal business registers are essential tools in the fight against fraud, money laundering and the financing of terrorism?  This intervention explain why they are praised by the FATF for their role in the fight against financial crime, and how Commercial Court Registrars contribute to legal security and the transparency of economic life.

12:10 – 12:30 The double-edged sword of AI: Committing and preventing fraud

  • John-Erik SETSAASDirector of Innovation Financial Crime Prevention, Tietoevry Banking

AI has had a renaissance over the last year, and even lay-people are now using ChatGPT and other AI tools. This new technology provides the fraudsters with is a business opportunity to increase their revenue but is also a very important tool for fighting financial crime. Where are we going and what can we learn from that?

12:30 – 13:00 International Expansion & Exit for Techs Companies: what is at stake?

  • Marcus MAGARIANManaging Director of Chatsworth Securities LLC

The strategy roadmap for technology businesses is of paramount importance. What tech-business challenges do you need to confront to address key international markets today? What are some lessons learnt in growing technology firms to the Licorn stage? Is it still worth looking at the US market today?  What objectives should you aim for?  Should you get prepared for an exit in your strategy how and when?


Room 2 - Innovative Payments

Topic: "Global Interoperability and IOT"

10:45 – 11:45 Harmonise acceptance to offer consistent experiences and enable the development of new functionalities

Chairman: Arnaud CROUZET, Vice President Consulting Services at FIME

  • François MEZZINA, Head of Payments and Chairman of the General Assembly at Nexo Standards, TotalEnergies
  • Jean-Philippe NIEDERGANG, CCO / EMEA CEO, Castles Technology
  • Philippe MERMOUD, Delivery Solution Officer, BPCE

11:50 – 12:50 Round-table: How Trusted Technologies are contributing to the future of IOT?

The momentum has arrived! The huge wave of embedded technologies and the evolution of communications techniques has brought a world of opportunities to connect billions or trillions of objects on earth.  Comprehensive ecosystems emerge for home, mobility, transportation, city, health, retails, and logistics (among other domains), associating reliable transmission, environment sensing, and intelligent processing.

This round table discusses the achievements, opportunities, and challenges of IOT today. What are the risks? What can we learn through insightful use cases? How to address interoperability, scalability, and security issues? What are the essential contributions Trusted Technologies bring to the future of IOT?

Moderator: Denis BEAUTIER, Teaching Manager, Telecom Paris Executive Education

  • Eric BERTRAND, Co-leader of the IoT connectivity working group : Gr-IoT 
  • Roland ATOUI, Managing Director, Red Alert Labs
  • Tomasz MORAWIKMicroprocessor Business Development Manager, NXP
  • Axel SANDOT, V2X & IOT product manager, EVIDEN digital ID
  • Florent GROSMAITRE, CEO, Cryptonext Security