Exhibitor's Interview: Newland Payment Technology

Since 1994, Newland has been developing and deploying some of the world’s most innovative and high-performance payment terminals and is acknowledged as a global leader in its sector.

1) Could you describe your company as well as the products/solutions that you will be presenting during TRUSTECH 2022?

Since 1994, Newland has been developing and deploying some of the world’s most innovative and high-performance payment terminals and is acknowledged as a global leader in its sector. From MPOS to SmartPOS, the company delivers millions of devices annually to some of the biggest acquirers, processors and payment service providers worldwide. Designed for use in any customer-facing environment, from retail outlets and restaurants to public transport and delivery services, Newland’s secure payment devices facilitate seamless transactions and smooth interaction between consumers and merchants.  

Newland’s device portfolio includes classic countertop and portable payment terminals, as well as compact mobile devices that provide convenient and secure payment in any location, instore or on the move. Our powerful Android SmartPOS terminals combine payment acceptance with sale and store management software. With sleek design lines, an intuitive color touchscreen, and a full range of state-of-the-art features, they provide a seamless customer experience at the point of interaction.

2) In your opinion, what are the current trends that are providing opportunities for your company?

As we come out of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s clear that the world of retail has changed and the strong growth of ecommerce in the past couple of years has seen the emergence of a real omnichannel consumer journey, including hybrid models like Click and Collect. However, consumer appetite for instore shopping has recovered strongly over the past 12 months and retailers need to provide a compelling customer journey and a consistent experience for consumers, be it online or instore.

A seamless and friction-free payment experience plays a crucial role in this new customer journey, and consumers expect to be able to pay with an extended range of payment methods including digital and mobile wallets as well as more traditional debit and credit card payment schemes. With contactless payments now fully accepted, consumers are interested in new ways to buy and pay, such as check-out-free technology, biometric authentication and Buy Now Pay Later.

3) Why did you choose to participate at TRUSTECH 2022? Will you be presenting innovative/new products or solutions during TRUSTECH 2022?

We have chosen to participate in TRUSTECH 2022, because it remains one of the leading international events for the payment technology industry, attracting key service providers as well as merchants and other end-users for electronic payment solutions.

During this year’s event, we will be demonstrating some of our latest new product introductions, spanning mobile POS, and unattended payment solutions as well as Android SmartPOS, which is where we are all seeing significant interest right now. Specifically, we will be showing our recently launched, next generation Android SmartPOS, the N950. With cutting-edge aesthetics and unmatchable performance, N950 sets a new benchmark for Android SmartPOS terminals, to facilitate and increase customer engagement at the point of interaction.

Additionally, we will be launching the transformational X800 Smart ECR, which combines a stylish and innovative dual display design with all the power and performance to run complex POS and business applications alongside acceptance for all the latest payment methods, from NFC and QR-code based wallets, to more traditional chip and PIN or magnetic stripe cards.

4) How is TRUSTECH 2022 important for growing your business?

This year TRUSTECH gives us the opportunity to present Newland as a leading global supplier of payment device technology which this now is bringing its solutions to French market as well as expanding its footprint in other key European geographies. In France, we have already completed Sesam Vitale healthcare certification for our SmartPOS devices with a major local partner, Saficard, and are currently working on certifying our terminals to the Cartes Bancaires payment standard with the leading payment gateway provider in France, Nepting.

Additionally, we are pleased to showcase some of our latest device technology including the N950 series next generation Android SmartPOS. With cutting-edge aesthetics and unmatchable performance, N950 sets a new benchmark for SmartPOS terminals, facilitating increased customer engagement at the point of interaction. We will also be showing the new U900 modular unattended payment terminal, the SP130 countertop PIN pad, the next-generation ME60 MiniPOS and the latest 2.0 evolution of our powerful TOMS app store and device management system.

5) Where do you intend to grow your business in the future (countries or verticals)?

Newland is focused on building its presence across all major geographies, from Asia Pacific, through Middle East and Africa, Europe and North and South America. Over the past five years, our international revenues have grown by a factor of eight, as we have brought our secure device series to the top players in the international payments ecosystem. The migration to SmartPOS at a global level, as well as our strong product line up in that category, has been instrumental in powering our international growth, and we see that as providing continued leverage for our international expansion. Europe and North America are two main markets where we see this tendency accelerating over the next few years, and providing us with the opportunity to replicate the stellar growth we have seen in markets like Brazil and the rest of Latin America. We also see Android SmartPOS playing an increasing role at all levels of the retail ecosystem, from the biggest chains to the smallest SMEs, providing a key enabling technology that merchants can leverage to drive footfall, improve service and increase sales.

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