Exhibitor's Interview: ARATEK

Aratek is a global leader in the biometrics and security industry. Since 2004, Aratek has been making digital identity work for millions around the world with our innovative biometric products and customized solutions

1) Could you describe your company, and the products/solutions that you will be presenting during TRUSTECH 2021?

Aratek is a global leader in the biometrics and security industry. Since 2004, Aratek has been making digital identity work for millions around the world with our innovative biometric products and customized solutions. Governments, banks, schools, and countless other institutional customers have unlocked a whole new world of efficiency using Aratek’s biometric technology. 

Aratek is excited to show before Trustech visitors how our recent innovations can solve  real-world problems in security and safety. We will put on display our newest biometric tablet Marshall 8 and the full suite of biometric devices including handheld terminals, FBI certified fingerprint scanners and fingerprint modules in Booth 5.2 D 051.

The Marshall 8 tablet is creating not a few ripples in the industry for its ingenious way of integrating a host of digital identity modalities from fingerprint to barcode, to NFC, iris recognition, and facial recognition. It enables users to securely manage enrollments in both indoor and outdoor environments. 

We are also set to take the wraps off our TruFace terminals, specifically the newest BA8300. This device not just integrates face recognition, fingerprint scanning, RFID reading and barcode scanning in one package, it is also capable of reading any QR code certificate such as the EU Digital Covid Certificate, providing a versatile access control solution so critical in times such as this pandemic.

Watch us showcase too our full line of FBI certified fingerprint scanners that range from FAP 10 to FAP 60, plus fingerprint modules ranging from small capacitive sensors to dual-finger optical modules that greatly fulfill personal level authentication needs to large-scale enrollment requirements.

2) In your opinion, what are the current trends that are providing opportunities for your company?

We predict cyberattacks to intensify in frequency and virulence in the coming years. As a result, we see security experts increasingly relying on multi-factor authentication to provide the supplemental, and often the crucial data from among different modalities to harden systems from any of these exploits.

As demand for multi-factor authentication grows, Aratek is keeping pace with a wide range of smart biometric terminals that are equipped barcode and contact/contactless card reading with facial recognition, fingerprint matching even iris recognition capabilities. We are committed to delivering peerless security and reliability in all identification and authentication applications.

3) Why did you choose to participate at TRUSTECH 2021? Will you be presenting innovative products or solutions during this event?

Trustech is one show that Aratek doesn’t want to miss because year after year, the organizers manage to draw the highest quality audience in the digital identify, security and payments industries. Trustech is the perfect venue for Aratek to showcase our latest “identity anything, anytime, anywhere” biometric solutions with our full portfolio of advanced biometric products.

4) How is TRUSTECH 2021 important for growing your business?

We have always regarded Trustech as the most prominent event for digital identity and security. We love how this event can gather under one roof thousands of end-users who will benefit most from seeing Aratek’s biometric identity solutions in action, as well as those who make the purchase decisions.

5) Where do you intend to grow your business in the future (countries or verticals)?

Aratek is already making its presence felt  in over 100 countries worldwide where we help institutions manage their digital identity easily, securely. 

In the next few years, we foresee rapid growth that is fueled by relentless innovation and continuous partnerships with governments, enterprise, educational institutions, banks, and many other industries, as we provide real solutions to real needs.

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