Updated on 11/25/2021


Zwipe Pay ONE

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  • 5.2 B042
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Detailed description

Zwipe Pay ONE is a biometric payment solution. Biometric feature extraction and comparison is performed within the secure element, on a single die. The primary application is for biometric payment cards and wearable devices. Zwipe Pay ONE consists of three key components: •an ISO contact plate module with biometric secure element •a fingerprint sensor •a passive inlay, just like a standard dual interface card inlay. The ISO contact plate module and fingerprint sensor can be embedded into the card body after lamination. There are no active electronics on the inlay, reducing cost and increasing reliability. Passive inlays come on prelaminated sheets, made to smart card manufacturer specifications. These prelaminates enable hot lamination in a standard card manufacturing process.

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Pre-certified (Visa, Mastercard) components for biometric payment card with embedded fingerprint sensor.

Technical specification



      Zwipe AS

      Zwipe is a technology company enabling battery-less, ultra-low-power, self-contained biometric authentication solutions for payment cards and wearable devices. With an ecosystem of customers including global brands within digital security and financial services, Zwipe is "making convenience safe and secure" for banks, merchants and consumers. Zwipe’s intellectual property portfolio enables the heightened security offered by biometrics without impeding the convenience of contactless. By protecting the user’s personal information and right to privacy Zwipe is directly addressing the data theft pitfalls inherent in traditional authentication methods.

      Founded and headquartered in Oslo, Norway our growing team is represented by 14 different nationalities in nine countries across five time zones - from Colorado Springs to Singapore.

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