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Updated on 11/17/2021


UltraSmart Readers (USN1se-1M/USN3se/US-4IRJ/US-4P)

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  • 5.2 F052
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Detailed description

All our smartcard personalization solutions full chip card manufacturing requirements in term of personalization speed, production yield and versatile communication interfaces. All our hardware modules are based on modular architecture UltraSmart™ proven platform that consistently demonstrate superior productivity and reliability. Like US-Nano readers are designed to address all combi card (contact or contactless) whatever is the chip manufacturer or the antenna technology.

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More info

Dual interface perso coupler Personalize telecom, banking and ID card Personalize contact and contactless module Personalize SWP NFC μSD Ultra-compact design Cost-effective solutions for telecom and chip card module personalization

Technical specification




      SMARTWARE your Smart Solutions Partner since 1986. World wide market leader, we support industrialists and equipment providers with the wider existing range of readers, tester and software solutions for testing and personalization of Secure Element : Smartcard (Contact & RFID), ePassport, eID, SIM, eSIM and more.

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