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  • TCovMS - Tegona Covid Management System

Updated on 11/02/2021


TCovMS - Tegona Covid Management System

Stands :
  • 5.2 B039
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Detailed description

TCovMS is a solution for the issuance of a Country Digital Covid/Health Certificate; the system includes the following : - 1 customised ICAO Root Authority (CSCA) to consider the latest ICAO & EU recommendations regarding the issuance of health certificates. The existing ICAO CSCA can be adapted to be used for this purpose or a new one can be provided - 1 customised ICAO Document Signer Certificate (DSC) including ICAO & EU recommendations regarding the issuance of health certificates – The Document Signer Certificate includes functionalities for the 3 extended purposes: vaccination certificates, recovery certificates, test results certificates - 1 TCovMS (Tegona Covid Certificate Application) * Digital Covid Certificate data preparation * Preparation of Digital Covid Certificate data (QR code) with health data (vaccines, tests, history), technical data and electronic signature * Generation and transmission of the Digital Covid Certificate (QR code) through an API - Publication of the DSC certificate in the Public Key Directoy (gateway)

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    Tegona SA



Tegona SA

Tegona is a system provider for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), ID & travel documents issuance (enrolment, personalisation and quality control of ePassport, eVisa, eID card, driving licence...), identity management and general purpose digital security. Based in Switzerland, Tegona provides all-inclusive systems (software, hardware and services) to manufacturers, integrators and governments all over the world.

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