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  • S7000Jet - High-speed Central Issuance Solution with DoD Technology

Updated on 11/04/2021


S7000Jet - High-speed Central Issuance Solution with DoD Technology

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Detailed description

New Launch first at TRUSTECH 2021 !!! Matica’s S7000Jet is the latest addition to its reliable and established S7000 platform. This brand-new system has been developed entirely by Matica’s engineers and is set to revolutionize secure printing for the payment market. Using Drop on Demand (DoD) printing technology, the S7000Jet is a cost-efficient solution that can print up to 1,500 cards an hour with outstanding print quality in both black and white. •What makes the S7000Jet ideal for payment card issuance? •Minimal maintenance is required •User-friendly •Flexible small batch production •Sustainable •High-resolution •Seamless integration

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KEY STRENGTHS •Built on S7000 proven architecture •Built to be easy to use and service •Configured to have maximum up-time •Designed for being compact •Excellent personalization quality •Ideal for Rainbow job without interruptions •Single SW fully compliant with Visa/Mastercard requirements •Speed 1.500 cards per hour

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      Matica Technologies Group is a fast-growing and innovative global company with a strong international network. The company designs, develops and manufactures card-issuance systems, offering a vast range of products, from centralized systems and mailers to desktop ID card printers for Identification and Financial applications such as national ID, driving licenses, secure corporate ID cards, passports, credit and debit cards, access control cards, healthcare cards and transportation cards among others, covering all markets such as financial, government, healthcare, corporate, education, transport, telecommunication and retail.

      The Matica Technologies Group operates around the world through its offices in Switzerland (HQ), Italy, Spain, India, Malaysia, China the USA and the UAE, and supports its thousands of customers with its global network of Certified Resellers, Value Added Distributors and Integration Partners under the M·Connect Partner Program.

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