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Updated on 11/15/2021


Qualified Trust service provider - eIDAS

Stands :
  • 5.2 F021
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Detailed description

Openum eIDAS is Lleida.net qualified electronic registered inbox service. The identification of the sender, the recipient and the data sent are ensured with a high level of reliability.

    More info

    Messages sent through a qualified electronic delivery service, provide the evidence of the delivery of the message. No court of the European Union may question its documentary evidence in the event of any legal proceedings.

    Technical specification




        - Lleida.net provides LEGAL GUARANTEE in digital communications. It offers registered SMS & email notification and eStatement, Onboarding and electronic signature solutions, digital identity - eKYC.
        - Lleida.net acts as a Digital Witness for eGovernment, Fintech, Insuretch, and other industries, simplifying the digital transformation process.
        - Lleida.net is Qualified Trust service provider compliant to EU eIDAS Regulation and it is currently listed in Euronext Growth (Paris) and in New York & Madrid.

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