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Updated on 11/17/2021


PerSE eSIM / Secure Element Personalization

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  • 5.2 F052
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Detailed description

Since 2017, Smartware is working on a new concept of Equipment for Personalization of Secure Element named PerSE. PerSE for Personalization of Secure Element is a modular Industrial Equipment capable of Electricaly Testing/Personalizing, Marking in sequence Embedded Secure Element (eSE), with large quantity of fixed and variable data. Based on the use of 4-Axis Arm Robot and Innovative concept of Personalisation Turn Table which limits to the minimum, transportation of sensitive and fragile eSE parts during the all process flow.

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    PerSE eSIM Personalization
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More info

Performances accrues : Higher Throughput / Higher Yield (4200 and 5500 UPH version available – up to 40 programming heads), boost your production and increase your yields. Enhanced Security : Optical inspection and control of parts at each step Scalable Equipments : Cover all various models and technologies, scalable, compact, easy to operate and maintain. Investment Protection : Rationalize equipments, tools, and human ressources. Possibility to mix and manage different types of programming plates on the same Turntable. PerSEGear : An Open Software Architecture, PerseGear offers an user-friendly interface optimized for industrial and secure elements production.

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      SMARTWARE your Smart Solutions Partner since 1986. World wide market leader, we support industrialists and equipment providers with the wider existing range of readers, tester and software solutions for testing and personalization of Secure Element : Smartcard (Contact & RFID), ePassport, eID, SIM, eSIM and more.

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