Updated on 10/08/2021



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  • 5.2 B041
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Detailed description

The PTX100R marks a breakthrough in NFC system performance, power, and size. The PTX100R is fully compliant with the specifications of the latest EMVCo 3.0 standard for contactless payments. It is supplied with an application-ready EMVCo 3.0 L1 interface. The Panthronics product includes a set of facilities that makes the integration of a third-party EMV L2 stack fast and easy. It also provides rich debugging capabilities allowing for rapid prototyping. Benefit from our patented DiRAC technology which enables the NFC to drive output power of up to 2W directly to the antenna while achieving sensitivity of -80dB.

    More info

    • Accurate digitally-controlled output waveshaping • On-chip EMVCo 3.0 hardware accelerator • EMVCo 3.0 ready • Supported host interfaces: SPI, I2C, UART • Supply voltage range: 2.7V to 5.5V • Compatible with Linux® operating system, commercial RTOSs and MCUs with no operating systems

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        Panthronics is an independent NFC IC provider enabling and simplifying challenging connectivity use cases in POS, IoT, Wireless Charging and Mobile through innovative ground up design. PTX100R for POS, MPOS and SmartPOS and PTX100W for NFC Wireless charging are industry’s best NFC ICs based on sensitivity and output power.

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