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Updated on 10/29/2021


Keesing AuthentiScan - Face-to-face identity verification

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Detailed description

On-site identity verification. Real-time results. Wherever you are in the world and whatever the situation, AuthentiScan’s face-to-face identity verification makes it quick and easy to verify ID documents and confirm a person’s genuine identity on-the-spot. Improve security, streamline access control and optimise (ID) badge and ticket issuance through our reliable identity verification solution.

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    Identity verification
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    Keesing Technologies

More info

Trusted identity verification on-site features: ID document coverage (ID reference database), facial recognition, automated checks, customer due diligence, image and data capture fast-track registration and onboarding, accuracy for efficiency, compliance and reporting, secure data handling, handling exceptions.

Technical specification



      Keesing Technologies

      Keesing Technologies: Experts in identity verification

      Keesing Technologies has been creating innovative identity verification solutions since 1911. It is our mission to help organisations around the world protect their business and customers against fraud by providing verification solutions you can trust.
      Keesing’s cutting-edge identity verification allows you to establish an individual’s true identity from anywhere in the world. Our unique technologies build on our long-standing expertise, extensive ID knowledge and the world’s most comprehensive ID document database.
      With AuthentiScan Keesing leads the way in digital identity verification. Our customer onboarding technology provides an easy-to-use identity proofing process combining extensive ID document verification with the latest biometric technologies. AuthentiScan offers end-to-end identity verification for face-to-face and remote situations and is ideally suited for Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) processes.
      Keesing is the proud owner of Documentchecker; the world’s most comprehensive ID reference database. Our bases cover information about thousands of ID documents issued by more than 200 countries and organisations. This extensive source of information is at the core of all our verification solutions.
      At Keesing, quality comes first, and we constantly strive to develop solutions of the highest standard. Keesing has earned an outstanding reputation when it comes to reliable identity verification. For almost a century, we have supported organisations worldwide in fighting identity fraud by offering solutions of the highest quality. Keesing’s solutions are known for their security, accuracy, and usability.
      To safeguard the quality of our solutions we work closely with international governments, embassies, consulates, central banks, and leading financial institutions.

      We serve more than 6,000 organisations worldwide. Keesing has offices in the Netherlands, France and the USA and collaborates with distributors, strategic partners, and agents all over the world.
      For more information about Keesing Technologies, please visit www.keesingtechnologies.com.

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