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The Instasign app protects against identity theft and offers all citizens the ability to electronically sign documents, contracts and forms in a few clicks. By using Instasign the citizen is authenticated with certainty and the contract is signed in pdf or p7m format, with advanced electronic signature, in compliance with Italian and European eIDAS regulations. Through the NFC technology Instasign validates the electronic identity document and reads the data present in the chip. At the same time, the identity of the citizen is verified by means of facial recognition enhanced with an anti-spoofing liveness detection mechanism, created with proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms, which makes it possible to recognize attacks on the system. The contract is signed with an advanced electronic signature in accordance with the European eIDAS legislation. The whole process takes place through a very simple user experience that makes Cyberneid technology accessible even to the less accustomed.

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electronic identity documents NFC Face Recognition Liveness Detection Digital Signature eIDAS compliant

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      Cyberneid is an innovative startup that implemented innovative, secure and user-friendly solutions to simplify on-boarding, Know Your Customer and electronic signature processes.

      Cyberneid's mission is to integrate two usually distinct technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Electronic Identity, to counteract identity theft and computer frauds, offering to citizens an unrivaled user experience and ease of use, and to companies an automated, secure solution to carry out authentication of citizens.

      Cyberneid is currently engaged with the "Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato", by contributing to the "Electronic Identity Card 3.0" project and by supplying the software for advanced electronic signature. It also collaborates with the Azerbaijan ministry of technology by contributing to the "Electronic Identity Card" project, with Enega by suppliyng an app for digitally sign contracts, with Azpul, a fintech company, and with Azercell and Bakcell, the two main mobile operators in Azerbaijan, by supplying an innovative solution for authentication and digital signature of contracts related to the sale of SIM cards.


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