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HASHWallet is a hard wallet to store private keys, providing secure authentication and a secure environment for signing transactions. The device has a credit card form factor enabling a recognizable user experience and reducing the complexity of blockchain transactions for the end-user. HASHWallet can be used with a desktop or a mobile phone through Bluetooth or NFC, with our HASHWallet manager software. There, the user can manage his wallets and prepare the transactions to be signed on the card. The customer can set up an ad-hoc recovery system of the wallet using recovery cards and our vault.

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The device is nonprogrammable, so the firmware can not be modified once it's manufactured. This way, we comply with the "What you see, is what you sign" cryptographic principle, and the user can verify all the transactions on the card. The card has a 3.1-inch e-ink display, an EAL6+ secure element, a fingerprint sensor, Bluetooth, and NFC antennas, a controller chip, a battery, and a transceiver to enable writing in NFC communications. It also has three LEDs that we use to enhance the user experience. All these components are mounted on a flex PCB and laminated as a card that is only 1,6 mm thick. The challenge of using microelectronics enables us to maintain the "credit card" user experience. The card turns on with a proprietary technology that's called snap switch. Once you snap the card, it will turn on and check if you touch the fingerprint sensor. This way, we ensure a seamless user experience and manage the battery efficiently, enabling five transactions per day for a month of use. We use an energy harvesting system to charge the card with an NFC field (mobile phone), and it can also be charged with contacts. The NFC communications are used mainly for the recovery system of the keys. We provide the HASHWallet a recovery card (the user can do as many copies as he wants), where one of the recovery elements is exported by NFC. The second recovery element is stored in our online encrypted vault.

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      We are a consultancy firm experienced in the financial, technology, and crypto-security sectors. We run HASHWallet, the most secure hardware wallet in the market.

      We facilitate the integration of the decentralized economy into business environments, delivering recognized and truly secure user experiences that enable mass adoption.

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