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Updated on 11/04/2021



Stands :
  • 5.2 A038
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Detailed description

AUTHENTICO card A biometric OTP card with rechargeable battery and display, enabling secure E-banking, E-commerce and E-government from any web interface. The card will generate more than 5,500 codes before the battery is depleted if working on a primary battery but can also be equipped with an energy harvesting system and a rechargeable battery for extended lifetime operations. BASIC card A biometric card based on energy harvesting with a biometric fingerprint sensor for secure payment, access and ID purposes. Card usable for minimum 50,000 cycles and can be a card living from pure energy harvesting or if supposed to work with low power pulse readers, at can be equipped with a rechargeable battery to secure enough energy for the fingerprint verification. AGNOSCO card A biometric card with fingerprint sensor, energy harvesting and a rechargeable battery enabling high frequency use for an extended period. This is a multi purpose card that can act as an "all in one" card solution serving multiple purposes including from access control to full Cold wallet storage for block chain and Crypto Currency platform authentication.

  • Product reference
    Electronic Smart Cards
  • Manufactured by
    CardLab Innovation

More info

Working together with CardLab Innovation will give you a partner with experience in the powered Card industry so you can achieve the following benefits: Your identification on the internet will be the secure token the card creates when having approved the fingerprint. Our cards function in the existing infrastructure, with huge savings on implementation costs; Our cards are compliant to existing card standards and protocols. Our cards can be customized to meet the specific needs of the user. Scalable card security option gives you the exact level of security needed. You only pay for what you need; The cards adhere to use patterns familiar to the end user, making security improvements easily acceptable by end users. We provide cards and services ranging from: Biometric card with full ‘System on Card’ fingerprint authentication with backend authentication and ID management system; Communication controlled RFID cards; Connected cards enabling transformation of virtual cards to a physical card; All in one Card solutions including app and security platform; Card development, consultancy and card production services.

Technical specification



      CardLab Innovation

      CardLab Innovation is a world leading technology provider to the powered smart card industry and is a company developing and commercializing ISO 7810 compliant secure card products including:
      Full “System on Card” biometric authentication solution based on Fingerprints™ FPC1300 T-shape™ touch sensor”, for payment, ID, Access control and Cyber Security.
      Communication controlled RFID cards (Jammer & MuteCards),
      “All In One” card solution platform and other card solutions customized to customer specifications for secure and sustainable card production. 
      CardLab Innovation is a Denmark based card development and manufacturing company with manufacturing partners in Asia and USA and own card lamination factory in Thailand. In collaboration with industry leading partners and suppliers, CardLab has developed sustainable and secure electronic card systems and production methods. 
      CardLab Innovation offers unparalleled technical design and manufacturing support for card solutions including scalable security levels and existing infrastructure compatibility making implementation cost affordable for end users. 

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