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Updated on 08/07/2020


Present on exhibition Trustech 2021
From November 30 to December 02, 2021
Hall RIV

SPECTRA Technologies Holdings Co. Ltd.

Unit 1301-09 Tower 2, Grand Century
Place, 193 Prince Edward Road West,

Stands :
  • RIV A046

Company details


The Pioneer of Fintech, Since 1993

SPECTRA Technologies started advocating for a cash to e-payment revolution in the 90s when cash was the major currency and “Fintech” did not even exist.

Growing from a startup company in Hong Kong to become a key player in Asia, and today, exporting products and forming partnerships in more than 65 countries. SPECTRA payment terminals cover 90% of merchants in Hong Kong during peak periods. Over 100,000 devices are currently working in HK.

The success story and passion for Fintech has inspired many young developers to pursue e-payment design. SPECTRA Technologies has and will continue to lead the industry in e-payment development and drive the Fintech revolution.

Our latest product include Apollo Android POS , T300 Countertop, T300 Mobile, TS1, SP530mPOS, T300mPOS, BP80 Bluetooth Printer , T300 Unattended, T300 Pinpad, SP530 Pinpad and SR300 Contactless reader with camera.


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