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Present on exhibition Trustech 2021
From November 30 to December 02, 2021
Hall 5.2

Cardel Ltd

5 The Marquis Centre
Royston Road

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Company details


Cardel manufactures Lamination Plates, Lamination Pads, Chip Adhesives, and Mag Stripe prelaid PVC overlay materials used by customers globally for banking, ID, loyalty and gift card production.

Cardel is highly customer focused and is ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 accredited. Quality, Reliability, Technical support and Customer Service drives everything we do. We are proud to confidently state that over 30% of  cards manufactured and personalised globally will contain a Cardel product or finish.

Cardel has an experienced global network of Agents, Distributors, Account Managers and Technical support staff who are dedicated to supporting our customers wherever they are, in any time zone and whatever the requirements may be.

Cardel’s range of card manufacturing products includes, Lamination Plates, Lamination Pads, Pre-Laid Mag Stripe on PVC Overlay and Hi-bond Chip adhesives. Cardel also supplies Card Attaching labels (All machine types) and Laser Pin mailers to leading personalisation bureaus worldwide.

Cardel’s Hi-Bond range of hot melt chip adhesives are Globally recognised as best in class for embedding chips into Banking, Identity and Sim cards made from a range of materials including PVC, Polycarbonate and PET.

Cardel is dedicated to continual innovation. Our R&D department works closely with our customers to develop tailor made solutions to specific customer needs as well as developing self- initiated projects that all customers will benefit from such as scratch resistant lamination plates and high speed lamination pads which are being demonstrated at Trustech 2020.


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