Updated on 11/30/2021


Present on exhibition Trustech 2022
From November 29 to December 01, 2022
Hall 5.2

Aratek Biometrics

2F, T2-A building, Shenzhen Hi-tech Industrial Park, 518057, Shenzhen, China

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  • 5.2 D051
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Company details


Aratek is a global leader in the biometrics and security industry. Since 2004, we have been helping millions around the world manage their digital identity requirements with our innovative biometric products and tailored solutions. Governments, educational institutions, banks, and a growing list of other industries are realizing the benefits of increased efficiencies, all thanks to the biometric digital identity system from Aratek.

We have a whole portfolio of advanced biometric products for you. From fingerprint modules to fingerprint scanners, from biometric terminals to facial recognition terminals, and all the way to biometric software and end-to-end solutions, there is always an Aratek product to provide real-world solutions to your real-world problems.

This zeal for technological excellence, a proven manufacturing strength, and an untiring passion for customer satisfaction are your guarantees of getting nothing but the best biometric identity system that really works for you.


Press release (1)

Aratek unwraps 4-4-2 ten-print scanner for large-scale jobs

Aratek recently launched the A900 ten-print fingerprint scanner designed specifically for heavy-duty use in large-scale implementations. The Aratek A900 is the FBI Appendix F FAP 60 certified ten print 4-4-2 live fingerprint scanner built for the toughest and most massive of jobs. This IP65 rated portable unit comes a built-in 2.8” LCD screen plus a speaker which combine to give users a step-by-step audio-visual walkthrough of the entire enrollment, verification & identification processes.


Aratek Biometrics

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