TRUSTECH Conferences Day 3

Thursday December 1

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  • Identification Solutions theme: Sovereignty, data and privacy
  • Innovative Payments theme: Payment resilience and cybersecurity

Discover below the program of the conferences of Thursday December 1!

Thursday December 1

  • How to improve Sovereignty in Digital ecosystems?

What does sovereignty mean when talking about digital ecosystems? Which technologies are important to ensure we have sufficient strategic autonomy? How can we improve our sovereignty in the medium and long term? What is the road that can lead us there? On which scale should we build our policies?

  • How to avoid the pitfall of cyber "black-holes"

Surviving in the digital jungle is increasingly difficult. The industrialization of cybercrime brings novel approaches to malware injections, social engineering, data theft, or ransomware. What are the new threats in the cyber landscape? How to make your organization resistant to cyber-crime waves of attacks? in a year when cyber-terrorism and cyber warfare are growing what are the new challenges to be careful about and where can we find the ways of escape to avoid falling into these new cyber "black-holes"?

  • How do "mobile population alert" impact emergency preparedness and response?

What lessons can we learn from experiencing "mobile population alerts" systems? What are the new methods for emergency management? What is the level of European and international harmonization? What are the possibilities for users to interact within such systems?

  • What to do and when with post-quantum cryptography?

As we are climbing the last steps in NIST's official selection of Post Quantum Algorithms it is time to think and adopt Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC) strategies. Are you ready for PQC? What is the crypto agility road for your business? What can you or should you do?

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