Innovation Playground

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Demonstrations presented to Trustech 2016 in partnership with Connectwave

Connect Wave

The INNOVATION PLAYGROUND is a unique platform of its kind. Put yourself in the shoes of a contactless technologies user thanks to seven devices displayed.

Test the innovative uses of these technologies for a varied range of B2B applications and look ahead to new applications that are yet to be imagined!

As you walk by the Riviera Level, take a few minutes to visit and discover the applications of tomorrow through play!

Here is the list of live demos that you will discover:


1-    The Connected Temperatur Sensor

Blulog proposes a Connected Temperatur Sensor: it offers a constant record of the product temperature. It’s really simple and easy thanks to connections between the sensor and a smartphone, and it facilitates the transfer of responsibility in the food & health industries



2-    The Connected Bottle of Wine

Wid offers to wine and liquor producers a new solution for authentication and tracking in anti-counterfeiting and allows consumers to “converse” with the bottle and its producer…



3-    The Connected Basketball

Thanks to this special ball, the player gets all the statistics of his/her shoots (speed, number, successful / stranded shots). This leads the way for many kinds of other applications in the pneumatic universe for example.


4-    Supply Chain IoT

Ffly4u gives a “voice” to the goods, handling solutions, construction equipment and any other mobile assets, both indoor and outdoor for all the Distribution Supply Chain industries.



5-    The Connected Seal

The E-Seal solution, implemented by Twiister Systems, ensures maximum security for transport, especially thanks to its embedded technologies and its ease of implementation.



6-    EM-ECHO: the Identification System from inventory to customer engagement

EM Microelectronic developed EM-ECHO to create a smart label that can communicate on 2 frequencies, both RFID and NFC (logistics tracking, inventory, new customer services ...).



7-    The Connected Parcel

Logistics become Connected with SATO and its automatic identification of parcels in volume, both blind and remotely.