Jean-Noel Georges

Jean-Noel Georges,  JNG Expert hosts the track "Blockchain and AI for Identity" on Tuesday 26 November from 2 pm to 6 pm in room 2.

Jean-Noel Georges,  JNG Expert

Jean-Noel has 20+ years of experience in the fields of corporate strategy, sales optimisation and marketing strategy. 

He has particular experience in the areas of geographic market expansion, due diligence, new product launch, outsourcing business models, online customer experience management, value proposition creation and benefit models specifically in the FSI, Digital Ident

ity, Cybersecurity and Tech industries. Georges has had the opportunity to create an important network in this industry and to work with some of the world’s most important digital identification providers, financial institutions and telecom operators. In recent years, he has especially focused on financial services, BYOD, mobile and converged security, emerging payment solutions and mobile payment, biometrics. He recently worked for many European governments to create a digital roadmap. 

Track chaired by Jean-Noel Georges

At TRUSTECH Jean-Noel will chair the track on "Blockchain and AI for Identity" which will be held on Tuesday 26 November from 2 pm to 1pm in room 2.

It is essential to understand how to combine off- and online technologies to fight fraud and protect products and brands around the world. Digital trust technologies provide a fresh impetus for addressing security and developing value-added services on both physical and virtual products. 

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