Innovation Stage 2018

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> POS +mPOS - 10:00-11h20

Enabling the Pin-On-Glass Revolution with Production-Ready SCRP Devices

  • Dany Nativel – Maxim Integrated

Use of Contactless Payments in Transportation

  • Justin Ning - ID Tech

A Small Step For Us. A Great Step for Payment

  • Wang Wenxun - Fujian Centerm Information

Making your Payment Device Concept a Reality From Initial Design to Certification and Production

  • Neil McEvoy- Electronic Trade Solutions (eKrypto)

Product Launches - All in One Dual Monitor POS Terminal

  • Xiaoyan Yu - Shenzhen ViewAt Technology

Digitization at The Point-of-Sale

  • Hermann Geupel - Rubean
  • Neil Williams - Rubean

Know Your Customer Before You Talk - Turn Shop POS to Be a Sales Assistant

  • Gloria Chan - Spectra Technologies

Payment Terminal Evolution in a Cashless Society

  • Andrey Tikhonov - Castles Technology


From Stranger to Customer in 60 Seconds

  • Donal Greene - Innovatrics

Biometric Payment

  • Coda Gao - Telepower Communication

Chameleon - The Most Adaptable Biometric Product in the World. Multi-Modal BiometricTablets & Handhelds

  • Ian McCutcheon - Laxton Group

> FOCUS AFRICA - 14:00-14:40

In partnership with Africa Pay & ID Expo | Discover the APIDE Awards 2018's nominees in the category Best Innovative PAYMENT SOLUTION

Ticketing Solution

  • M. Bouake - Sotra

Bankalik, New Generation of Banking Services

  • Driss Maghraoui - Attijarifawa Bank

NAPS, Secure Electronic Payments Accessible to All and Everywhere in Morocco

  • Faissal Khdiri - NAPS

The Innovative Interoperability Platform of GIM-UEMOA

  • Akanni Adou - GIM-UEMOA Groupement Interbancaire Monétique de l’Union Economique et Monétaire Ouestafricaine

> IoT & DEVICES INNOVATION  - 15:00-15:30

Protect Product, Production and Profit: Combat Piracy, Secure Operations and Improve Customer Engagement

  • Marc Bielmann - HID Global

How Fintech Revolutionize Banking By IoT

  • Fabien Kaplanas - Icare Technologies

Quectel Leads IoT Innovations in Smart Modules

  • Wei Jia - Quectel Wireless Solutions

Most Innovative UEM to Manage Employee Technologies

  • Laurelle Dormoy – 42Gears Mobility Systems


Innovative Global Digital Identity with Yoti and Multos Technology

  • Paul Wilson - Multos Consortium
  • Cyrille Quemin - Yoti

Innovative Products to Compliment Your ID Cards/Badges

  • Benjamin Delacenserie - pdc Big

KYC and KYB - Balancing Compliance and Customer Experience for Digital Onboarding

  • Zac Cohen - Trulioo

Setting Up and Managing Strong Two-Factor Authentication Remotely and Without External Hardware

  • William Houry - Versasec

Trusted Chain of Identity for Mobile ID

  • Gérard Martinez – Vision-Box

How to Become Digital with Trust Service Solutions?

  • Mathieu Ost - Signaturit



How Banks Can Benefit From Schemes Tokenization to Offer Leading Unified Digital Payments Innovation/Experience?

  • Timothee Gruner - Antelop

Terminal Development Direction Under the Multi Payment Mode

  • Zhao Chao Peng - Shenzen Tousei Technology

Digital Wallets: The futur of Payment

  • Bouchra Geawhari - Adria Business & Technology

A Security Key Between the Real World and the Virtual Space

  • Shi Liang – Okey
  • Jin Lin - Okey

Wearables by ST: Sustain Banking Diversification

  • Lionel Ravel – STMicroelectronics

How to Convert Payment Data Into New Banking Services

  • Benoit Gruet – CDLK

> FOCUS AFRICA - 11:00-11:30

In partnership with Africa Pay & ID Expo | Discover the APIDE Awards 2018's nominees in the category Best Innovative E-GOV SOLUTION

“E-blood Bank” Digital Solution

  • Euloge  Soro-Kipeya - ANSUT - Agence Nationale du Service Universel des Télécommunications

Introduction of the Unique Identifier in Ivory Coast

  • D. Konate - Administration Ivoirienne


Get Security into Blockchain System Design

  • Stefan Rueping - Infineon Technologies

The Next Generation Terminal Management System for Smart POS Terminal

  • Candy Liao - XAC Automation

How NFC and Blockchain are Revolutionizing Trade Finance and Logistics

  • Mitchell DeYoung – Linxens

> CARD INNOVATION (Technology + Features) - 15:00-15:40

ISO Card with SE, BLE, Display and Fingerprint IC for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Applications

  • Yiwen Jin - Jinco Universal

Enabling Trust with a Digital Payment Card That Displays Value

  • Mayank Sharma - Nearex

The Next Generation Smart Card For More Secure Authentication

  • Jerry Zeng - Shenzhen Excelsecu Data Technology

Press & Pay": The latest SPS Innovation

  • Jean-Baptiste Leos - Smart Packaging Solutions (SPS)

> SECURITY & INNOVATION - 15:40-17:00

Let's Personalize! Fast Data Input and Holograms Bring Us Closer To The Future

  • Caroline Botella – PrehKeytec
  • Francisco Javier Gomez Gomez - PayThunder

EMVCo 3.0: From Zero to Hero - Smart Ways to Get the Approval

  • Swantje Missfeldt - Comprion

Risks and Threats for Companies and Professionals Associated With Voice Communication

  • Kris Barcewicz - Blackboxsecu

Operationalizing Data Privacy Compliance with OneTrust

  • Hugo Woog – OneTrust

CivicTech: Rebuilding Trust in the Political System

  • Anne-Catherine Goulby - Civocracy

Cilab’s High Speed NFC Test System ci230 Pushes NFC Development to a New Level

  • Alfred Binder - cilab

The NFC/RFID Technology: The New Way for Transmitting The Contents

  • Luca Lapenna - Julia Arti Grafiche

Security Risks Faced by Smart Devices With Mitigating and Countering Solutions

  • Bruno Sangle-Ferriere - Marbeuf Conseil et Recherche


> CARDS & DOCUMENTS INNOVATION (Materials + Production) Part 1 - 10:00-10:50

Passport Concept

  • Markus Mingenbach - Covestro

PVC and Environment: From a Threat to an Opportunity

  • Luca Castellani - Bilcare Research

Introducing Shift Mag, a New Secured Color Shifting Magnetic Stripe

  • Romain Jarrosson - Mulann

Innovative High Quality Screen Printing Inks for Card Applications

  • Andreas Dr. Sohns - Pröll

Coated PET Overlay - New Choice for Durable Cards

  • Yulong LI - Tianjin Boyuan New Materials

> FOCUS AFRICA - 11:00-11:30

In partnership with Africa Pay & ID Expo | Discover the APIDE Awards 2018's nominees in the category Best Innovative MOBILE SOLUTION

AMA, a Secure and Sustainable Solution for African Financial Inclusion

  • Aissa Slimani - Paylogic

Safe Technology for Access to Drinking Water in African Rural Areas

  • Jean-Rémi Kouchakji - Payintech

QR Masterpass: A Mobile Payment Solution

  • Arlette Agness – Ecobank

> CARDS & DOCUMENTS INNOVATION (Materials + Production) Part 2 - 11:30-12:30

Laser Personalization For High Security ID and Financial Cards

  • Luca Picardi - Matica Technologies

New Overlay Coatings

  • John Cooke - Cardel

Laser Engravable Melinex® for a More Secure Future

  • Shane Ashby - DuPont Teijin Films

Smart Hologram: Utilizing Print Technologies to Create Connected Electronic Features Without NFC Cost and Complexity

  • Jan Thiele - Prismade Labs

The Hot Melt Adhesive Film Which Bonding The Chip Module Into Substrates

  • Sichao Chen - Shenzhen Tunsing Plastic Products

A New Way to Look at Solvent-Based Inks in the Laminated Cards industry

  • Jeremy Flageul - VFP Ink Technologies
  • Christian De Rueda – VFP Ink Technologies