Security and Risk Strategy

  • Cybersecurity at large scale in a plea for trusted environments
  • Product authentication & brand protection: raising the stakes!
  • Fighting identity & payment Fraud: first stage in limiting pervasive risks

Cybersecurity at large scale in the plea for trusted environments

Cybersecurity perimeter needs are widening in 2020. When 5G & IOT impact on cyber threats it becomes relevant to deploy large scale zero trust strategies. What are the new tools to strengthen mobile and end-points security? How do we protect content and critical data in Cloud computing? How do Cloud SIEM and Zero Trust platforms contribute to deliver Security Operations monitoring?  How do we use AI to improve threat detection and cyberesilience and on which realms?  How convenient is the use of biometric authentication for the web with FIDO 2 Standard? 

There will be a special focus this year on three high level topics: Are cybersecurity and privacy converging in the same battle? What are the policy and regulations updates and perspectives in the field? Extending the practice for preparedness and training: The Cyber-serious games effect on business organizations.


Product authentication & brand protection: raising the stakes

Starting with an introduction of the last trends in anti-counterfeiting markets & technologies, this conference will carry forward important themes in product authentication. It will discuss how to provide better traceability against piracy and illicit trade, and how the online fight against counterfeiting is evolving. An important topic addressed will be how brand protection is becoming crucial in a globalized word, with illustrations of specific sectors getting more organized.

Physical- digital convergence means authentication or track & trace are becoming “phygital”, but what does that imply for product management & supply chain or merchandising? How are Packaging and Labeling technologies doing more today?  Several use cases from key economic sectors will illustrate the transformations. Finally, the important strategic issue of raising public awareness will be debated by a panel of experts and discussed with the audience.

Fighting identity & Payment Fraud while limiting pervasive risks

Businesses and financial organizations suffer year round from continuous pervasive threats. Risks on financial and immaterial assets are growing. The impact may become huge in the form of one or several fraudulent transactions within the corporate environment or in the consumer business. This conference targets fraud issues and fraud resolution techniques. Why is identity and payment fraud the door to more pervasive risks and how do we address this?  How can we prevent account takeover and ID theft rooted frauds? What should we do to mitigate the risk of corrupt databases? What can we learn from “Pain learning experiences” on funds or credit transfers deceit using deep fakes to abuse legitimate authority? How can attributes validation and dynamic risk assessment help?  How do we build a stronger risk awareness culture and internal audit procedures to fight astute and malevolent threats?

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