Payments and Finance

  • Payments, the advent of a new era 
  • Digital KYC and the future AML perspectives
  • Digital Money & Crypto finance: ready to rise ?

Payments in 2020: the advent of a new era

A fresh landscape of payment is emerging due to more openness, strong authentication and technological innovations. During the TRUSTECH payment conference, we will discuss the evolution of the new era of payments and analyse its consequences on financial and commerce businesses. The themes presented or discussed this year include mobile payments and digital wallets, contactless payments & the consumer experience, payment innovations (incl biometrics) and fraud mitigation.

Hot debates this year will tackle issues such as “Strong Customer Authentication: where do we stand and where are we headed?”, “commerce & merchants’ expectations in managing payment for multichannel customers”, “authentication delegation in payment”. The new role of cards in payment will be discussed including “instant payment card initiation vs mobile” and “new schemes in payments (such as EPI, MIR or TROY): what is their real potential”?


Shared digital KYC and the future AML perspectives

Shared digital KYC comes with strong incentives, but it remains an uneasy and challenging process. What are the benefits and hurdles of collaboration in eKYC? What does experience tell us so far? What are the liabilities and compliance issues? What are the tools and technologies used? After discussing the reality of collaborative digital KYC today, the conference will focus on the conditions for enhanced due diligence processes and on the need for more homogeneous rules in Anti money Laundering practices worldwide and in Europe. 

Digital Money & Crypto finance ready to rise?

The emergence of digital money is announced. However, this movement is shaking monetary policies and questioning the evolution of state sovereign strategies. This conference gathers stakeholders and the larger community that wants to be prepared to what is coming in digital money and cryptofinance.

Why are Central banks in the lookout for digital money? For the Bahamas, China, Sweden, Switzerland, England and other countries, what are the last updates on CBDCs?  What are the issues regarding compliance, governance and regulation? What are the main externalities and risk? For European institutions and stakeholders: what are the positions defined today? Is Wholesale CDBC a good first move? How difficult is it to move from cryptocurrency to digital money? What are the plans of web giant platforms or other private sector stakeholders? What is the correct account vs token strategy? How does AML compatibility requirements fit with digital trusted IDs and/or blockchain technology? What are the new regtech solutions for proof management and audit track? How do we succeed in managing risks with crypto assets? What are the future perspectives?


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