Identity for Society and Economy

  • Identity for Government
  • Smart mobility and seamless travel
  • Consumer IDs

Identity for Government: reconciling interoperability with sovereignty 

This one-day conference will address key issues about digital sovereignty and improved interoperability practices.  In a first session dedicated to worldwide highlights, relevant country cases in Government digital services and identities will be presented. Interventions will cover subjects such as what are the new social and financial inclusion milestones?  What is the reality of identity for all as we are engaging the last decade in 2030 UN objectives?  What are some of the most interesting innovations in registration, enrolment, credentializing and authentication practices?  What is their impact around trust, e government and services delivery?  How to answer cross border needs and with what kind of solutions?  How to reconcile better legal and technological frameworks?  

A second session will drive a more European focus. It will question the state of play of digital services in public and private sectors. Can digital identity landscape become more integrated within Europe? What is expected in 2020 from Identity to build structured digital society and economy? What to expect from new regulations projects by EU Commission? What is the perspective around the future of data ecosystems, privacy and trust? Should the current subsidiarity rules evolve? What are the lessons of Coronavirus epidemy on the need & evolution of secure and interoperable digital identity?


Smart mobility and seamless travel: time for delivery  

Transport, Travel and Tourism are increasingly using digital and biometric tokens to bring ease and security. Where are we in the implementation of end to end customer journeys? Which economic models have the best chance of success?  How effective are pre-registrations & pre-clearance strategies? Will trusted travellers’ programs receive multilateral acceptance?   What do digital travel credentials mean for the future of passports & ID documents?

A special focus this year will be on privacy within interoperability. How to reconcile interoperability with privacy in multimodal transport & tourism? How to manage consent requirements in the supply chain?  What do tokenization & Zero knowledge proof solutions bring to interoperable privacy?

The conference will also be an opportunity to debate on key issues regarding mobility, looking at how ID & Biometrics contribute to cleaner and safer mobility, and paving the way for ticketing & payment innovations in an opening transport environment.

Consumer IDs: Improving multichannel experience, customer centricity & privacy

This conference addresses the trend of growing identity resolution needs for customer knowledge and relationships.

Subjects will include: With the progressive ending of third-party cookies: what’s in for data and identity?  How to enhance first party data strategy for better customer experience? How to benefit for the authentication strengthening trend in e-commerce and social economy?  Improving customer experience in the physical and digital worlds: can we combine logged journeys with probabilistic data?  Identity-led privacy solutions: what are they and what can they deliver? How do biometrics widen the scope for e-onboarding? While optimizing customer centricity, convenience and personalization, how do we combine identity driven capabilities with Data & AI analytics? 


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