SESAMES Awards Finalists

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Meet all the 2016 Prize Winners on 29th and 30th November, from 12:45 pm to 1.30pm at the MAIN STAGE

Open to all

Tuesday 29 November

SESAMES Awards and Cocktail 
Categories: eTransaction, Retail, Manufacturing & Tests

Wednesday 30 November

12h45 : 13:30

SESAMES Awards and Cocktail 
Categories: IoT, eGovernment, Cybersecurity

Discover the SESAMES Awards finalists :

  • Cybersecurity (Data safeguarding, resilience of infrastructures, resistance to cyberattacks)

Passwordless Remote Authentication / Remouth 


RemAuth ( is a passwordless authentication infrastructure as a service for businesses. RemAuth is characterized by: - Simplified and real-time UX - Concurrent multi-factor (patent pending technologies) - End-to-end trackable security - Easy integration using a standard HTTP API

Remouth logo



BioSSL is a web security layer, that uses one or more biometric features of the user, regardless the hardware. The password is a One Time Biometric Password, can never be revealed, re-engineered or reproduced. The authentication process is done by an external server and NOT locally. BioSSL is desktop, laptop and mobile compliant.

Bioss mobile

Spire Mobile Framework / SpirePayments 


Spire Payments’ a market leading Fintec mPOS solution supplier has enabled its customers to rapidly develop and deploy secure mobile payment solutions thanks to its feature rich and powerful mPOS solution range. Utilising the SMF and SDK libraries a feature rich and secure mobile payment applications can scripted, tested and deployed within days

Spire Payments
Spire Mobile Framework
  • eGovernment (ID, health, welfare). Best e-governernment solutions 



The Fido BLE Card is an identity security card with embedded Fido technology for U2F strong authentication. The Bluetooth BLE interface makes it compatible with all mobile platforms. The level of convenience and simplicity proposed by the Fido BLE Card from Feitian Technologies doesn't compromise on the strong level of security embedded.


FEITAN - Fido BLE card Feitian

The Nautilus / Imprimerie Nationale 


Introducing a breakthrough solution for the passport market: The Nautilus.    The Nautilus solution is an easily integrable datapage, adaptable to all types of passport projects, whether electronic or non-electronic.  It is an innovative hinge technology, based on a customisable metallised layer which can integrate a functional contactless antenna.

Imprimerie Nationale
SPS Imprimerie Nationale

Happy Flow Smart Cities / Vision-box


User-centric multi-environment identification ecosystem based on a privacy-responsible collaborative platform composed of users' virtual personal data envelopes aggregating their identification and historical information, and offering access to multi-dimensional services by government and private institutions - through biometric authentication.

Vision Box
Vision Box
  • eTransactions (banking, payment, virtual money)

A digital solution for humanitarian food assistance by FAMOCO



Beneficiaries enrolled for humanitarian assistance are given NFC cards with biometrics recognition, while a dedicated NFC reader (with offline capabilities) is given to selected local retailers. The aim is to provide an efficient and secure transaction through a safe platform/process, with the overall humanitarian objective of strengthening local livelihoods.


MeReal Biometrics multi-application smart card / MYREAL Biometrics


MeReal Biometrics produces the only smart card with patented fingerprint and acoustic technology that confirms identity and enables unlimited applications in the Access and Payment markets. No more typing passwords. Use it anywhere, anytime, any device - on a fixed telephone line, a smartphone, online, at a standard reader. Its battery recharges.

MEREAL Biometrics

TableSafe RAIL pay-at-the-table payment platform / TableSafe,


TableSafe’s RAIL pay-at-the-table system delivers un-paralleled levels of service, convenience and security while improving the guest experience at table-service restaurants. The product accepts any form of payment directly from the table including Mag-stripe, EMV cards, and NFC-enabled mobile payments allowing the diner to control the payment process.


Easy Branch
  • IoT (Networks of wireless sensors, smart objects, constrained data and energy management)



IoTize is a turn-key solution that adds connectivity (NFC, BLE, Wi-Fi) to existing systems without modifying their native software. It employs technology to non-intrusively monitor and control a system’s processor, plus resources to secure the IoT connection. IoTize provides a rapid, low risk, secure way to implement IoT connectivity in just hours.

KEOLABS iotize

RFID / NFC Anti-Counterfeit Solution / HUAYUAN 


1, Evaluation of investing for Anti-Counterfeiting

2, Basic conception for anti-counterfeiting

3, Available anti-counterfeit ways

4, Our physical encryption RFID Tag a- Directly destructible RFID tag b- fractional destructible RFID antenna c- Overall Fragile RFID Tag

5, Billions antenna capacity annually

6, Cloud database /application server + APP solution for anti-counterfeiting

HY Logo
SHANGAI Tamper evdenice



SMARTRAC dLoc is an easy system for the reliable verification of any vital document from birth certificate to land title to medical record. Using the simplicity of NFC with the security and transparency of Blockchain technology, there now exists a real-world IoT solution to the problem of document authentication.

  • Manufacturing and Tests



COMPRION Network Bridge is the perfect software solution to enable end-to-end testing of remote SIM provisioning scenarios. It provides a direct link between the eUICC and relevant backend servers as it “bridges” the complete over-the-air communication (mobile network, WiFi/Bluetooth).


Network Bridge - Comprion

TraceCase / COMPRION


TraceCase is COMPRION's slick contactless tracer for mobile payment. TraceCase discreetly traces mobile payment transactions in the field by monitoring the NFC interfaces. Once collected, it allows to display and analyze the communication data with associated monitoring software tools.

Trace Case new

Innovative Dual interface "Heavy Metal"  card / SPS


The product consists of an innovative inlay solution with two antennas and a heavy piece of metal. The final dual interface metal card works on both sides(recto and verso) in front of the card reader, and has a full compliancy to EMV standards.

SPS image
  • Retail (online and in-store)


TableSafe RAIL pay-at-the-table payment platform / TableSafe -


TableSafe’s RAIL pay-at-the-table system delivers un-paralleled levels of service, convenience and security while improving the guest experience at table-service restaurants. The product accepts any form of payment directly from the table including Mag-stripe, EMV cards, and NFC-enabled mobile payments allowing the diner to control the payment process.

Easy Branch

EasySelf / EasyBranch


Innovative cash management system for merchants focused on : * improving merchant and customer security and safety * reducing significantly the number of cash pick-up by CIT, recycling locally the certified notes for authenticity and fitness * allowing the customer to make withdrawals and any other cashless operations via unattended ATM

Easy Self Kiosk

VirtuCrypt Elements - Remote Key Loading Service / VirtuCrypt


The VirtuCrypt Elements Remote Key Loading service is a secure, cloud-based offering for remote and compliant loading of cryptographic keys into Point of Sale terminals, ATM encrypting PIN pads, Internet of Things devices, and more.