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  • Payments in the digital era 
  • eKYC in a digital AML environment: Is KYC portability on the horizon?
  • Digital Money & Crypto finance: ready to rise ?

Payments in the digital era

Moderator: Grégoire Toussaint, Director, Edgar, Dunn & Company

A fresh landscape of payment is emerging due to more openness, strong authentication, and technological innovations. During the TRUSTECH payment conference, we will discuss the surge of the digital era for payments. We will also analyse the consequences of massive payment API use on the worlds of finance, commerce, and businesses. The themes presented this year include mobile payments and digital wallets, contactless payments & the consumer experience, payment innovations (incl biometrics) and fraud mitigation.

Hot debates will tackle issues such as “Strong Customer Authentication: where do we stand, how do we avoid friction in Customer experience and where are we headed?”, “Commerce & merchants expectations in managing payment for multichannel customers”, The evolving landscape of authentication delegation in payment”, the growing value of digital identity in payment value chain, from multichannel to risk management”. The new role of cards in payment will be discussed including “instant payment card initiation vs mobile”, “account to account” payment mechanisms and “new schemes in payments (such as EPI, P27, MIR or TROY): what is their real potential”?

A not-to-be missed conference to fully understand the complex and moving landscape of the global payment scene: Going digital, developing new segmented and integrated customers experiences. This conference is recommended for banks, fintech, emerchants, retailers, and all players of the payment value chain.


eKYC in a digital AML environment: Is KYC portability on the horizon?

Moderator: Stéphane Mouy, President, SGM Consulting

The covid pandemic has shown the value of secure remote identification of customers as well as the centrality of ‘fully digital’ onboarding processes for banks and other financial service providers that are no more the exception but rather the ‘new normal’. This structural shift comes at a time of increased anti-money laundering requirements that need careful planning and sensitive piloting.

In the EU, the debate is now shaped by two major initiatives – the revised eIDAS proposal introducing digital identity wallets to be used for identification, authentication, and payment initiation purposes in the financial sector as well as the proposed AML regulation aiming at greater harmonisation of customer due diligence requirements across EU member States. More broadly, these topics are also addressed by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF-GAFI) as well as by several standard-setting bodies, especially for the purpose of defining remote ID-proofing specifications.  These trends point towards a situation where CDD attributes will become portable, with a transformational impact on entities subject to AML/CFT requirements.

Where are the sensitive points on legal, risk and technical requirements? What are the next steps in international standardization forums? How can business organization develop efficient strategies to prevent AML/CFT incidents and detect risks early? How can they implement smooth KYC processes for onboarding as well as monitoring customer activities? What are the benefits and pitfalls of outsourcing or sharing eKYC attributes? What does experience tell us so far? What are the liabilities and compliance issues? What are the tools and technologies used for distance ID proofing? Do they integrate data sources and use blockchain registries to optimise KYC processes?

As KYC obligations widen and become digital, the roundtable will bring insight into new AML perspectives for financial institutions and regulated economic activities. It is especially recommended for risk, compliance, and legal managers to attend. Trust Service Providers, Fintech and Regtech will also present solutions for optimizing KYC services.


Digital Money & Crypto finance ready to rise?

Moderator: Jean-Noël Georges, President, JNG Expert

The emergence of digital money is on track. However, this movement is shaking monetary policies and questioning the evolution of the financial system. What are the supervising authorities view on the rise of stable coins? Why are Central banks in the lookout for digital money? From several countries point of view, what are the last updates on CBDCs? Is Wholesale CDBC a good move to go into retail? Will public-private partnership succeed to breed digital money worldwide?

We will discuss the issues regarding compliance, governance, and regulations. What are the feedbacks for current digital assets regulations? What are the main externalities and risks?  How can private money issuers cope with the future situation?

What is the correct account vs token strategy? How does AML compatibility requirements fit with digital trusted IDs and/or blockchain technology? What are the new regtech solutions for proof management and audit track? How do we succeed in managing risks with crypto assets? What are the future perspectives? Will there be a new cross border currency competition?

This conference will gather stakeholders and the larger community around digital money and cryptofinance. It is recommended for financial professionals, economic planning activities, digital assets services providers, corporate treasury managers, and actors from the digital and regtech value chain.


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