Identity for Society and Economy

  • Identity for Government promises a new decade
  • Safe mobility and seamless travel in post-covid times
  • Consumer IDs: improving multichannel experience, customer centricity & privacy

Identity for Government promises of a new decade 

Moderator : Stéphanie de Labriolle, Marketing Director, Secure Identity Alliance

Identity has become the cornerstone for digital society and economy. In post Covid times, Governments are facing pressing challenges to adapt their digital ecosystems to intensive use by wider range of populations and to open their identity systems to new requirements.

This one-day conference will address key issues about Identity for governments in the new decade. What are the new trends and developments? How can Governments meet growing interoperability demands? What are the decisive orientations that have to be taken to meet increasing needs for sovereignty, inclusion, and economic sustainability? How to reconcile user convenience, with trust and soundness in legal and technology frameworks? What are the key innovations in registration, biometric enrolment, credentializing and authentication practices?

Relevant country case studies will show how digital ecosystems are evolving worldwide forming a new identity landscape. There will be special focus also on the European Digital Identity Framework evolutions considering the new proposals from the EC. It will include extension to regulate private sector, generalizing mobile identity wallets, flexible and wider attributes distribution and additional trust certification schemes.

This conference is recommended for governments, public administrations, ONGs, the regulated private sector, and all professionals for digital identity value chain including: Trust services distribution, ID credentials & biometry, API and innovations for interoperability, information security. Key topics include digital citizenship, identity frameworks, data ecosystems, economic sovereignty, and digital services.


Safe mobility and seamless travel in post-covid times

Moderator: Anne-Marie Pellerin, Founder and Managing Partner, LAM LHA Consulting

Transport, Travel and Tourism have developed new exigencies on safety and traveller experience in a strenuous and moving sanitary environment.  Digital Identity, mobile credentials and biometrics bring new ways to conciliate passengers with authorities’ requirements.

This conference will investigate the new safe mobility practices and travel experience: 

What are the new standards? What are the lessons learnt from health pass integrations? How effective have become pre-registrations & pre-clearance strategies? How are identity strategies used to restore traveller’s confidence? What can we learn from data loss in some frequent traveller programs? what are the expectations of the various stakeholders in the future use of Identity in mobility and travel?  What do digital travel credentials mean for the future of passports & ID documents? What are the new practices for identity attributes-based pricing & ticketing in transport?

The conference will also be an opportunity to debate on key issues regarding new interoperability challenges and evolution of traveller identification programs worldwide in this unprecedent sanitary context.

This is a momentum to seize the post covid travel and tourism world in regards with the most recent perspectives of frictionless travel, smart mobility, and personalized experience. This conference will enchant users from the tourism and transportation sectors including infrastructures or tourism providers, distributors, and business operators. An opportunity to discover technological innovations in both new travel orchestration and mobility planning models.


Consumer IDs: Improving multichannel experience, customer centricity & privacy

Moderator: Guy de Felcourt, independent consultant & expert in the field of digital society and identity

This conference addresses the identity growing resolution needs for customer knowledge and relationships.

With the ending of third-party cookies: what is in for data and identity? How can first party data strategy be enhanced for a better customer experience? How could we benefit from the authentication strengthening trend in e-commerce and social economy?  Can we combine logged journeys with probabilistic data to improve customer experience in the physical and digital worlds?  Identity-led privacy solutions: what are they and what can they deliver? How do biometrics widen the scope for e-onboarding? While optimizing customer centricity, convenience, and personalization, how do we combine identity driven capabilities with Data & AI analytics?  What are the alternatives to social login for consumers segments on identity? Does CIAM have the potential to address consumer markets and how? How effective are these strategies? At what cost? What are the privacy management associated practices?

General public and consumer-oriented organization will find interest in attending this new conference at TRUSTECH. This includesbusiness organizations with consumer footprint and large-scale onboarding authentication and/or CIAM solutions. The focus is on mobile and e-commerce, digital medias, social networks, or cloud services platforms.


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