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Conference theme: Innovative Payments

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Discover all the TRUSTECH 2022 conferences dealing with the innovative payments!

Tuesday November 29


Chairman: Grégoire Toussaint, Director Edgar, DUNN & COMPANY

  • How faster and smarter payments change our lives? 

What are the changes brought in our daily habits by new forms of payments including Instant Payments, Mobile wallet Payments, and P-to-P payments? What are the new strategies to be enforced, regarding upfront account verification and pre-validation? How to cope with the multi-channel and offline-online mix in payments? What are the latest business payment transformations and recurrent payment & credit strategies?

  • Revising PSD II: Are we heading toward a new regulation on payments in Europe ?

After the stakeholders' consultation by the European Commission, what is the feedback given on PSD II? Which adjustments have been made so far, on Strong Customer Authentication, Frictionless digital experiences, standards, etc.? Do we need and are we oriented toward new regulations on payments in Europe?

  • Payments integration and cyber-resilience

Following the open-banking movement, payment integration has become a major issue. Resilience requirements are growing for operators. Cloud Platforms, native APIs, and mobile-based microservices how do they cope with financial market infrastructures? What are the evolutions and good practices? What are the new standards for security in software applications and in Payment operations?

  • What are the recent market innovations that can fit your strategy?

How can payment innovation fit into your strategy to improve user experience and differentiate from competitors?

  • Payment cards: are they a key differentiator factor for neo banks?

Why are payment cards used by fintech and neo-banks with so much enthusiasm? What are the new functions and features of these cards? How do they become a key differentiator for business strategy?

  • Contactless payments and biometric transactions

Are contactless payment and biometric transactions the new normal? What are the latest innovations? Where are we going?

Wednesday November 30


Chairman: Jean-Noël Georges, President, JNG EXPERTS

  • Are we ready for the Digital Euro Era?

Digital money and Central Bank Digital Currencies are now emerging. What lessons do we have from the massive Chinese experience? What are the plans for the Dollar and Euro zones? Are we ready for a Digital Euros? How will we use and maintain our digital euros wallets? What will be the impact of Central Bank Digital Money on the existing scriptural money and cash?

  • Decentralised finance (deFi) and traditional banking: time for convergence?

Blockchain, crypto finance, and tokenized assets (as NFTs) are said to be the next revolution in the various financial markets but remain subject to volatility and important risks. So far “deFI” is being considered as a synonym of disintermediation for instance for investment, credit, or mortgage. However, more voices suggest cooperation. What are the factors that lead to convergence and how can it become effective?

  • Why is AML policy leading today global corporate compliance? 

We are looking at the evolution of the AML/CFT regulation worldwide and in Europe in the context of increased compliance with risks in the corporate environment. Why is AML/CFT becoming central to the global risk and compliance strategy? Where is it headed to? What are the key orientations for corporate policy? How do countries' sanctions fit in?

  • Electronic KYC for smart and automated compliance

How does the digitization of business processes and modern technologies such as remote ID verification, Artificial Intelligence, or delegated authentication lead to modern onboarding? How do they meet economic performance and smart risk management for better compliance policies? 

Thursday December 1


  • How to avoid the pitfall of cyber "black-holes"

Chairwoman: Andrea Toucinho, Directrice Etudes, Prospective et Formations - Partelya

Surviving in the digital jungle is increasingly difficult. The industrialization of cybercrime brings novel approaches to malware injections, social engineering, data theft, or ransomware. What are the new threats in the cyber landscape? How to make your organization resistant to cyber-crime waves of attacks? in a year when cyber-terrorism and cyber warfare are growing what are the new challenges to be careful about and where can we find the ways of escape to avoid falling into these new cyber "black-holes"?

  • What to do and when with post-quantum cryptography?

Chairman: Jean-Jacques QUISQUATER, Université Catholique de Louvain, Senior Consultant (advisor) at NGRAVE

As we are climbing the last steps in NIST's official selection of Post Quantum Algorithms it is time to think and adopt Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC) strategies. Are you ready for PQC? What is the crypto agility road for your business? What can you or should you do?