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Conference theme: Identification Solutions

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Discover all the TRUSTECH 2022 conferences dealing with the identification solutions!

Tuesday November 29


Chairwoman: Mélanie Bénard-Crozat, Editor-in-Chief, S&D Magazine

  • The future of authentication and authorization

In this session, stakeholders and key specialists will envision the future of authentication and authorization policies under the impact of emerging technologies. What are the new channels and tools to support authentication? What is new with “attestation of attributes”, «right management" and “remote digital signatures” in place? What will be the impact on business policies and practices? What are the new strategies to be designed?

  • Will passwords still exist in 2025?

The transition to a password-less experience is underway. What are the new processes to put in place? What are the technological options? How fast will be the transition? Will passwords still exist in 2025?

  • Which security features in Identity documents or credentials for post-covid times?

How do innovations in security features adjust to the post-covid context? An opportunity to discuss security innovation in both physical documents and digital credentials and a combination of both. Films, holography, biometric templates, contactless protocols, etc...

  • "Jeudi de la Sécurité" - Topic to come

Wednesday November 30


Chairwoman : Stéphanie de la Briolle, Marketing Director, Secure Identy Alliance Europe

  • The challenge of building the European Digital Ecosystem

Experts and stakeholders discuss the structuration of European data space into a digital ecosystem. DSA-DMA, sovereign cloud, unified framework for identity, cyber-resilience act, digital governance act: how the various initiatives and recent regulations shape the new digital Europe? What are the consequences for business organizations and individuals?

  • Where is the race towards mobile wallets leading us? 

QR codes and mobile applications have introduced more structured e-wallet initiatives around the world? What are the key advantages of the e-wallet approach? Identity, payment, money, health transport: what will be the winner use-cases for these e-wallets? What are the limitations and opportunities of e-wallets for onboarding, authentications, and authorization policies? How do proximity and digital remote services co-exist? 

  • Modeling Identity in compliance with individual rights

"Legal Identity for all" is a key symbol of the role of Identity for inclusion in social and economic development. Identity is also at the center of other core individual rights like privacy and security. What have we achieved so far in modeling Identity with individual rights? What are the next frontiers in ethics, rights, and human developments? What are the good practices or enlightening use cases that can inspire us? 

  • The uncompromising debate of the year

Will modern technologies architectures such as SSI and blockchain free people from intermediation or on the opposite lock them into constrained logic and programmatic behaviours?

Thursday December 1


Chairman : Guy de Felcourt, Public Affairs Consultant - Digital Society & Identity focus - Author and University Lecturer

  • How to improve Sovereignty in Digital ecosystems?

What does sovereignty mean when talking about digital ecosystems? Which technologies are important to ensure we have sufficient strategic autonomy? How can we improve our sovereignty in the medium and long term? What is the road that can lead us there? On which scale should we build our policies?

  • How do "mobile population alert" impact emergency preparedness and response?

What lessons can we learn from experiencing "mobile population alerts" systems? What are the new methods for emergency management? What is the level of European and international harmonization? What are the possibilities for users to interact within such systems?