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TRUSTECH, the Global Event dedicated to Trust-Based Technologies will take place from 29th November to 1stDecember at the Palais des Festivals, Cannes on the French Riviera. 

Trust, the key issue in our digital society

What was known as “information society” in the 1990s has become “digital society” in 2016. This society is synonymous with mobility, dematerialisation, virtual networks, ubiquitous connection and  real-time accessibility of a vast range of data and services. This omnipresent, multi-format revolution  makes digital a major and sustainable lever in boosting economic development and industrial competitiveness around the world. It is at the same time the tool of human performance through interfaces such as voice, touch or movement and the externalised support of our memory. Economically and socially, it contributes to the development of an increasingly interconnected planet through smart grids, smart systems or smart cities…

But the promises of a digital revolution can only be kept if the payment and identification actors give due importance to Trust, a key issue in our digital society.  This issue comes in a wide range of methods and technologies designed to preserve each individual’s personal data, to protect access to this data and to secure diverse mobility applications while ensuring that users keep control on their day-to-day transactions. We can summarise the issues of trust in a few keywords:  the safety of devices and systems, end-user protection, and a controlled management of exchanges and content.

Our ambition: Pay, Identify, Connect & Secure

  • Pay - Securing Payment : No means of payment is viable if not trusted by its users. These new technologies revolutionize the way we pay. From contactless payment to virtual wallets and mobile payments, all the industry actors keep innovating in order to seduce customers more and more mobile and connected.

One of the ambition of TRUSTECH is to bring together all actors enabling secured payments & transactions; from market leaders to innovative start-ups, to provide a comprehensive offer of the market. TRUSTECH is a not-to-be missed event for all the key professionals of this sector.

  • Identify - Citizens Identity & Data ProtectionHow do we recognise what makes an individual unique and special?Within our mobile and connected world, to own a reliable digital identity as well as be able to authenticate yourself safely is essential to access to online services, to work or to travel.

At TRUSTECH, discover the latest innovations in ID management, eGovernement, access control…. In our world, ensuring data protection and providing trust is necessary for the development of new applications.  

  • Connect - Secure Technologies Enabling Mobility:

Internet has connected people to each other. The internet of things enables to connect people to objects anytime and anywhere. Trust in the security of sensitive data is critical for the development of new applications and uses, in our increasingly connected world.

TRUSTECH aims to be the hub of the international secure-connection community, to help market players define future strategies, develop the ways the technologies are used and generate business opportunities.

It is estimated that by 2020 about 50% of the world’s population will have access to the Internet, 2/3 of every mobile connection will involve a smartphone and over 50% of transactions will be made with mobile devices. By 2020, smart watches in use will reach over 100 million, half the world will have national eID cards, 90% of cars will be connected and 1.2 billion mobile phones will have NFC technology.

In the face of this rapid digital transformation, TRUSTECH is the stand-out global event, where all technological solutions dedicated to secure-connections are brought to the table and the future of the sector takes shape.