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Credit Card, the most popular payment mode

Credit Card remains by far the highest among key payment modes, in a context where users require payment services with extended security, ubiquity, privacy, convenience, and also increased transaction speed. Cards manufacturers and card payment terminal manufacturers, merchants (transactions acquirers) and banks (cards issuers) therefore need to continually invent and adapt new technologies.

On the smart card side, the EMV migration is still going ahead, with two new major markets being equipped: China and the US. The global number of smart credit and debit cards continues to move forward in most parts of the world, providing credit card holders with convenience and ease of use, protection of personal data, speed and reliability of their transactions (credit card /smart card authentication). A share of the business is taken by mobile wallets, defined as an app or mobile site that collects consumers’ payment information and credit card numbers, helping them transact offline and online.

Terminals of payment, a global access point of services

On the terminal side, the key evolution is the capability of the card payment terminal not only to accept a wide range of payment means (contact and contactless cards, prepaid card, wallets, mobile payment schemes, tokens,…) but also to manage data related to consumers’ shopping and finance needs: rewards and loyalty programs, tickets and boarding passes, wish lists, spending trackers, personal budgeting programs, etc. The terminal is therefore migrating from a pure payment device to a global access point of services.

In its 2015 issue, the World Payment Report stated that card payment market will continue to evolve rapidly, mainly due to a sharp increase in the number of non-cash transactions and to strong regulatory drivers promoting innovation.


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