Did you say Neo-Banks ?

For many reasons (excitement around a multitude of new mobile banks at the international level, the Orange Bank imminent arrival in France, disruption of the banking sector due to increased competition, temptation low cost, trivialization of offers, Api and Open Banking, new regulations like the future DSP 2 in 2018 ...), it is important to understand the fundamentals and dynamics of the market, the forces involved, the stakes and opportunities for newcomers and the actors in place.

Beyond the current media and speculative excitement, we can safely emphasize that  games are far from being made and that the "old" and "new", whatever their origin, turn their weapons in turn to break through, resist or persist in an increasingly congested and competitive market where differentiation is not easy.

The first are far from having said their last words when the first, despite some great successes, have not given final blows ...