Updated on 11/08/2021


Smart Punch 20 (SPu20)

Stands :
  • 5.2 A042
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Detailed description

The SPu20 manual punching unit allows getting a chip, a contact plate or a fingerprint sensor out of a 35 mm film, one by one. The component can then be manually embedded using the SI20. The SPu20 manual punching system is supplied with a punch & die tooling kit designed to fit with the component to punch. The SPu20 is made in France.

  • Manufactured by
    Smart Technology Services

More info

Manual punch SPu20 for chips, contact plates and biometric sensors

Technical specification




      Founded in 2013 by Thierry BUISSON, Smart Technology Services (STS) is expert in technical support, maintenance, spare parts and second hand card personalization and production equipment. One of our key values is the technical background of our experts team, who has more than 20 years experience in international smart card business technical support. Their Hardware, Software & Process skills allow them to ensure our customers a high quality support. We also provide spare parts at competitive prices.
      Furthermore, emerging new technologies, i.e. biometric sensor technology requires to have constantly updated and secured equipement. Aiming to provide prompt response to these specific requirements, STS has designed and developped its own solutions, such as :
      - Smart Evol 1000 (SE 1000): a fully modular card personalization system,
      - Smart Inserter 700 (SI 700): an automatic biometric & chip embedding system,
      - Smart Inserter 20 (SI 20): a semi-automatic biometric & chip embedding desktop system
      - Smart Punch 20 (SPu 20): a manual punch for chips, contact plates and biometric sensors
      During Trustech 2021, we will be pleased to present our brand new equipment : the Smart Evol 30 (SE 30) : a desktop laser personalization system

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