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Updated on 11/09/2021



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  • 5.2 G011
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Detailed description

SABIC offers a high-performance polycarbonate LEXAN™ SD film portfolio specially designed for electronic ID cards, government, military and police ID cards, passport data pages, green cards, border crossing cards and driver’s licenses. LEXAN Secure ID film portfolio includes a clear lasermarkable layer, co-extruded layers, a bright white core layer, flexible coated overlays and a clear overlay grades for the cover or intermediate layers. These films deliver tight gauge tolerances to simplify manufacturing of cards within mandated thickness parameters providing our customers significantly higher productivity. Thanks to the low and controlled shrinkage of LEXAN films, Smart card, passport and ID card manufacturers can use heat and pressure to join all layers together to form a card that cannot be pulled apart, preventing risk for disassembly, helping not only to extend the card’s service life but also better protect security features inside it. They also provide high performance, exceptional durability and resistance to abrasive cleaning agents and to the chemicals found in sun creams, cosmetics, oils, greases and fuels.

    More info

    - High temperature resistance - Low shrinkage for improved flatness - Optimized textures for printing, hot stamping and lamination - Tight gauge tolerance for controlled stack tolerance after lamination - High optical quality - Maximum opacity - Excellent laser markability

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        From graphics and consumer electronics to automotive applications, SABIC’s Functional Forms business offers high-quality, engineered thermoplastic films across a wide variety of industries. Our highly functional LEXAN™ film products are used for automotive products, lighting applications, anti-fog lens products, LED/LCD displays, battery packs, ID cards and much more. Our unique high-performance LEXAN™ film portfolio helps meet our customers’ ever-changing specification needs. It also helps OEMs reduce system costs, create innovative designs with better functionality and develop environmentally responsible materials. All our film products are RoHS and REACH-certified and UL certifications can be found under the UL global database.  

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