Arti Grafiche Julia SpA


Arti Grafiche Julia was founded in Trieste in 1967 and by more than 15 years is a leader in the RFDI/NFC sector, working in more than 40 countries, producing more than 200 million smart media per year.

We manage the whole production within our premises in Trieste, Italy, from the graphic design to the printing, from the pick and place chip process to the final converting, and letting us offer a fast service with short delivery timings. All materials used for our products are supplied by certified companies and all printing processes comply with the very strict rules currently effective in Italy and Europe.

We also care about the environment: we are committed to ensuring a sustainable supply chain of paper used in our products. This has been achieved by obtaining the FSC Chain of Custody certification, which provides credible confirmation for products with environmentally and socially responsible sources.


- RFID Tickets: our tickets can have any size and thickness according to the Client’s requirement. Top printing quality and security features (such as a hologram, embossing, etc.) are used to get a unique outcome for Clients dealing with Transportation, Live Events, Sports, Leisure Parks, and Museums.
- RFID ECO Cards: an eco alternative to PVC cards. Our ECO can be personalized with variable data, and they are fully FSC compliant,100% plastic-free, and water-resistant.
- WRISTBANDS: which can be printed and encoded (in case of RFID option) in a thermal printer. The wristband can be issued like a ticket in a very fast and flexible way.
- JULIA'S PLATFORMS: our software solutions protect from fraud while enhancing the consumer experience.

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