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  • Marshall 8 Biometric Tablet

Updated on 11/17/2021


Marshall 8 Biometric Tablet

Stands :
  • 5.2 D051
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Detailed description

Extremely sturdy and portable, the IP65 rated ARATEK Marshall 8 inch large biometric tablet enables users to securely manage enrollments in both indoor and outdoor environments. This powerful android identity tablet is suited for a wide range of identification / verification applications like National ID, Voter Registration, SIM Card Activation, Border Control, Law Enforcement, Financial Services, Mobile Time & Attendance, and Census Campaigns, etc. The ARATEK Marshall 8 has got everything covered.

  • Manufactured by
    Aratek Biometrics

More info

Fingerprint Recognition Facial Recognition Contact/Contactless Card Reading Barcode Scanning

Technical specification



      Aratek Biometrics

      Aratek is a global leader in the biometrics and security industry. Since 2004, we have been helping millions around the world manage their digital identity requirements with our innovative biometric products and tailored solutions. Governments, educational institutions, banks, and a growing list of other industries are realizing the benefits of increased efficiencies, all thanks to the biometric digital identity system from Aratek.

      We have a whole portfolio of advanced biometric products for you. From fingerprint modules to fingerprint scanners, from biometric terminals to facial recognition terminals, and all the way to biometric software and end-to-end solutions, there is always an Aratek product to provide real-world solutions to your real-world problems.

      This zeal for technological excellence, a proven manufacturing strength, and an untiring passion for customer satisfaction are your guarantees of getting nothing but the best biometric identity system that really works for you.

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