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All Personalized in one Single Unit This encoder can personalize and read all three different types of cards, and besides its unique universal function, the card manufacturing industry is presented with a modular unit with an as yet unsurpassed encoding quality and of exceptional durability. In short, it is a unit that satisfies even the highest of demands.

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    Rinas Gerätetechnik GmbH

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The LWR is suited to smaller personalization stations The robust yet precision construction of the LWR provides easy access to the unit for component exchange that follows a “think green” code of conduct. With a clear focus on professional personalization stations, the LWR processes all three tracks of standard credit card sized (paper and plastic) magnetic stripe cards at a moderate 2,900 cards per hour, and provides both HICO and LOCO functionality. The encoded cards can be either continually fed through the device or returned via the input slot. An optionally available magnetic head withdrawal function enables RFID or Smart Card processing without unnecessary magnetic-head wear. All the necessary components can be integrated and present within the same unit at the same time.

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