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  • LCP9660 - Laser Color Personalization System

Updated on 11/03/2021

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Detailed description

Combine the merits of high resolution retransfer printing with the power of a laser engraver to achieve unprecedented security and forgery protection for sensitive government documents and corporate ID cards. Matica’s LCP9660 color laser personalization system is state-of-the-art. Its innovative color and fiber laser personalization system delivers highly secure, full color, personalized cards in a single pass. It is created by two modules: by connecting the MC660 – a high resolution color retransfer printing module – to the MC-LX, Matica’s third generation desktop laser module. It produces a personalized card that boasts an outstanding 600dpi image and accelerated security standards thanks to the laser process which engraves information into the body of the card.

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KEY STRENGTHS •10W fiber laser, MOPA technology •600 x 600 dpi duplex printing •Able to print invisible UV colors and visible colors simultaneously •High definition duplex laser marking •High reliability •Up to 120 cards per hour

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      Matica Technologies Group is a fast-growing and innovative global company with a strong international network. The company designs, develops and manufactures card-issuance systems, offering a vast range of products, from centralized systems and mailers to desktop ID card printers for Identification and Financial applications such as national ID, driving licenses, secure corporate ID cards, passports, credit and debit cards, access control cards, healthcare cards and transportation cards among others, covering all markets such as financial, government, healthcare, corporate, education, transport, telecommunication and retail.

      The Matica Technologies Group operates around the world through its offices in Switzerland (HQ), Italy, Spain, India, Malaysia, China the USA and the UAE, and supports its thousands of customers with its global network of Certified Resellers, Value Added Distributors and Integration Partners under the M·Connect Partner Program.

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